Why is Minecraft Earth closed? What is the reason for the closure of Minecraft Earth? If you’re a Minecraft fan or player, those questions may come to mind, and here in this article we have all the answers that may have popped into your head, so let’s get to work.

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Minecraft Earth is an AR-based game developed by Microsoft. If you don’t know what an AR game is, you can check out Pokemon Go, it’s an AR game. Microsoft has tried to experiment with the real world.

Minecraft Earth was launched in November 2019, and why does it stop after a year, and if you’re still playing, all your data will be lost? We have all the answers and we have a detailed article on why Minecraft Earth Shutting Down in 2021, check it out.

Mojang Studios finally decided to close Minecraft Earth in a few months. Minecraft Land was launched recently and it has been more than a year since the game was released in November 2019, so they decided to close it.

This will be our last update, so we made a good one! Have fun and thank you for being part of the community!

Introduction of Super Season
New objects for creating characters
⏱️ Shorter time for creating and merging
So many new samples.

↣ https://t.co/OBpzUcz2Ck ↢ pic.twitter.com/Dnl9R9HQLP

– 4. Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth) January 2021

That’s why the Minecraft team decided to close it down. Look.

Minecraft Earth has been a great free RA game, but now we’ve made the difficult decision to redistribute our Minecraft Earth resources across different regions. This will bring more value to you and the Minecraft community, and support for Minecraft Earth will cease after June 2021.

Image source : Minecraft Earth Twitter

Apparently, the Minecraft team has given no reason why they are stopping the game, but they have provided information that they are doing so to improve the Minecraft community and support for Minecraft will end in January 2021. And as far as we know, they decided to close the game because of the pandemic, the game will not work.

Minoship Earth closes in June 2021. Read the full text of our message. We are grateful for the support of the community!

https://t.co/RqMPIwOSkC pic.twitter.com/Ph2x8isf1g

– 4. Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth) January 2021

So, what happens when the game is closed, my Minecraft land data will be lost? Will there be more updates for Minecraft Earth after the shutdown? Look at the answers.

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Minecraft Earth is closed: What now?

Minecraft Earth gets its final patch, which removes everything in the mechanics of the application, so you can finally play most of Minecraft Earth. And the 30th. June 2020, the developers will stop supporting Minecraft Earth, and even if you buy the game for 30 years. If you play in June, it won’t work.

One. July 2021, all player data will be removed from the servers, and if you have spent money on Minecraft Earth, you will get a free copy of the Bedrock version of Minecraft, and if you have unused Minecraft Earth that you bought with real money, you will get Minecoins that will work on the Minecraft Marketplace. Here are some reasons why Minecraft Earth is closing.

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So the question is why Minecraft Earth will close in 2021.

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I hope you like our perspective on why Minecraft Earth will close in 2021.


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