Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and has many features to keep users connected. However, not all of these functions are working as expected.

You may experience problems when functions stop working randomly or do not appear at all in the application. In this article we discuss why you can’t post about your story and how to solve it.

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There are three main causes for this problem.

Account number

The Add Message to History feature only works if the message you want to share comes from a public account. Always make sure that the message you want to share does not come from a personal account.

Trade licence

In addition, if the message you are trying to share comes from a public account, the owner of the account may have disabled message sharing. This may prevent you from adding messages to your Stories.

Here you can learn how to change this setting.

Why can't I share Instagram messages with my story and how can I correct it?

  • Open the Instagram application and access your profile by tapping the profile picture in the lower right corner.
  • Click on the icon of the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.
  • Press Settings.
  • Go to the Privacy section.

Why can't I share Instagram messages with my story and how can I correct it?

  • Now click on History.
  • Switch the Allow story sharing option to the desired option,

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Random instagram failure

If you still can’t see the function in the application, there is probably a bug with Instagram itself. Functions are usually performed in phases, which means that not everyone gets the same function at the same time. Functions may often be missing and in random order.

Try these solutions to see if you can make it work.

Reclosure Enabling and disabling Reclosure

As mentioned above, you can activate/deactivate the sending of your messages in the history. If you have problems, follow the same steps as above and keep changing the setting or vice versa.

Then restart the phone and try again.

Reinstalling the Instagram application

Reinstalling an application can often solve seemingly random problems. If you don’t see the History Sharing feature in your application, you can try uninstalling the application, restarting your phone, and then reinstalling it.

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Try to empty the cache

If you are using Android, clearing the cache can help you get rid of bad cache files that may prevent it from working.

  • Go to Phone Settings and touch Applications and Notifications.
  • Press All Applications.
  • Find Instagram in this list and click it to open the application settings.
  • Click on Memory and Cache.
  • Click Clear Cache to clear the cache and start again.

Why can't I share Instagram messages with my story and how can I correct it?

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Try connecting from another phone

It’s a bit strange, but it would have worked for many users. If you don’t see these options on your phone, try connecting from another phone and maybe you can solve your problem.

Try a new account

As a last resort, if you’re relatively new to Instagram, you can just try creating a new account. Most new accounts are equipped with the latest features and work perfectly.

However, if you cannot do this, it is best to wait and after a while the feature should appear on your profile.

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