Creating the perfect anime monster is a craft that few studios or authors have mastered.

Of course, sometimes there are coded gases. But for the most part, the ending of the anime is just good, not perfect.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got some terrible divine endings I’m looking at.

This will be our favorite issue if we count the anime with really WTF endings that you should definitely watch.

15. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill has been criticized for using the impact factor as the main driving force of the series.

And of course characters die very often. But for many of us, it was a plus, because it increased the tension.

But, are we not prepared for these last few episodes?

Everything from the giant castle mech to Esdeath was able to freeze time, and of course Akame’s power to move in that frozen time was just a slap on the wrist.

Not to mention that almost everyone dies. Like even Leone, who survived the main fight by barely making it to the end. I loved the action, but seriously, what a bloodbath it was in the end.

14. God of high school

When high school reaches God 300. The episode of the series would be, I’d like the end of season 1.

But in just 13 episodes, chaos reigned.

You see, the show begins as this wonderful martial arts Shunen, where we present different forms of martial arts.

And then, in just a few episodes, we get to the point where a literal god is invoked from heaven and tries to destroy the city, and the main character is also some kind of deity, and there’s this magical fox…. and where the hell are the martial arts?

13. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan

Gurren Lagan is in my opinion one of the best series ever made.

But the last few episodes have done us a lot of harm.

First, again, this problem of escalation, in fact in a huge way. At first they just have a hard time rebuilding the surface, okay.

Then we see a glimpse of the political aspect of their new business, great!

And then the Mechs launch themselves out of the literal universes, huh? But the nail in the coffin is that when Simon finally got the girl, we even attended her wedding ceremony, and then she made Thanos disappear.

I can’t tell you how good this show is. But why were we so blue and white?

12. Delete

As for the previous choice, I can’t stress how great this series was until the last episode.

Erased was like this perfect psychological thriller where the main character has to play 3D chess with a man he can’t even see to save countless lives. Specifically, a girl’s life.

But the killer finds him and drowns him in the car. So, what now?

My husband goes into a coma, wakes up ten years later and loses his memory.

But he regains his memory in 5 minutes, the girl he worked so hard to save has moved on, and the killer is obsessed with him and tries to fake her suicide, but falls into the easiest trap of all.

What? Trust me, if you’ve seen the show on the air, you know how stupid the entire audience felt when that episode was cancelled.

11. Street in Frankfurt am Main

Darling in FranXX ultimately follows the same path as Gurren Lagan, but in some ways it’s even more confusing.

You see, the plot first follows these guys leading guys and beating typical evil robots as they develop character. Great!

But then, in a few episodes, you get oops, they’re actually all aliens, and there’s like a secret government, and now you have to go into space, and the Mech will have a female leader, but a huge leader, and there’s like these images mediate your emotions….

It was a real roller coaster ride, I can tell you that.

10. Naruto: Shippuden

Since we’re talking about a 500 episode season, the term ending is used very loosely here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Naruto. And leave a tear at the end.

However, the last arc in history has left me with many questions.

To address the elephant in the comments section: Where is Kaguya from? Madara was such a good opponent, and then out of nowhere he gets shot by the black Zetsu, and this alien shows up and starts distorting the dimensions?

Besides, she literally falls in love with sexy-jutsu?

And Sasuke wants to be the Hokage but also has to fight Naruto? And now they’re all cool, and they’re also children of prophecy?

So many more questions.

9. Notification of death

The first dozen episodes of Death Note are some of the best anime content you’ll see. I think anyone who has seen the show can agree.

But in the end, a lot of us stuck it out.

That’s because Light has been built throughout the series as a true super-genius, a villain that even the best detective in L can’t take down.

But then a strange L character appears and beats the light without much effort. How?

He literally uses the most obvious trick and simply exchanges the suicide note for an ordinary notebook.

We all knew that Light would eventually be destroyed, but I doubt anyone could have foreseen that its end would be so unenthusiastic and so bizarre.

8. Tower of God

I see Tower of God in a light similar to Erasure: a wonderful show that just ended very badly.

During the series, we see the main character Bam become a rather decent hero as he fights for the girl he cares most about.

They manage to overcome all obstacles, and Bam and his beloved Rachel find themselves on the final stretch of the road to total victory. And then she betrays him completely and pushes him to his death.

At that point, me and a lot of other people were just screaming at the screen. I doubt anyone could have foreseen this.

They seemed to be so good together, they all loved and loved each other on the opening stage of the show for Christ. And then she blamed him for the whole Judas thing.

7. Monster

If you’re really into symbolism and philosophy, then the end of Monster might make sense to you. But I think most of us were just confused.

The principle of the series is that a doctor, Tenma, saves a boy, Johan, who then becomes a mass murderer.

Out of guilt, Tenma tries to find Johan during more than 60 episodes that will interest you.

He finds him, Johan gets shot, Tenma saves him again, then Johan runs away from the hospital just like the first time.

I’m so confused, what’s the point of this cat and mouse thing if you don’t even lock the windows this time?

6. Berserker

If you’ve never read a single page of the manga (or at least never heard of it) before joining the Berserk series in 1998, you’re in for a treat.

The show follows the story of two warriors who form a band of bandits and strive to reach the top of the nobility. But along the way, the two main characters fell out. One of them, named Gutz, is leaving.

Another character, Griffith, doesn’t take the news so well and manages to paralyze himself and can’t fight anymore.

You look at the episode number and you see that you are nearing the end. Isn’t it sad to end a series with a second protagonist in this state?

No, it gets worse. Suddenly Griffith summons demons that eat all his friends, while Griffith has a non-PG-13 action with Guts’ lover. Wild, isn’t it?

5. Kraybabi Devil

This series seemed to be the funniest from the first episode. But he managed to catch me at the end.

As the name implies, there are many demons. But usually they just eat someone, or an angry mob cuts them into small pieces.

One of the main characters is the demon himself. But he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

The other main character starts acting a little strange and calls for a giant witch hunt, which is weird considering his best friend is a demon.

And then it turns out that he is literally Satan. And the two friends fought to destroy the world. There’s no drug that can help me predict it.

4. School days

Every time weird anime endings are mentioned, this series takes off, and for good reason.

The series is a novel where the main character doesn’t know what loyalty is and the women don’t know what the laws are.

So, after the main character is caught cheating, he is stabbed, then his body is decapitated and his killer is stabbed by another girl. Is it worth watching?

Because you know the end doesn’t make sense. But if you have a friend who has never heard of this show, try to get him to watch it. Trust me, it won’t be fun when they get to the final episode.

3. Clannad: According to history

The Clannad is undoubtedly a fool for tears. But even if you knew you were going, nothing could have prepared you for the final.

It’s not much longer and everything seems to be going well. Then, suddenly, Nagisa starts working.

Tomoya, of course, is very shocked and mourns his dead wife. But his daughter died soon after!

At this point we’re wondering if they’re going to do an Akame ha murder or something. But it turns out it was all a dream and none of it really happened.

How am I supposed to feel about that? Should I be happy that Nagisa and Ushio are alive, or absolutely furious that I had to believe otherwise?

2. Stockings and garters with suspender belt

That show was really weird.

The artistic style resembled that of Cartoon Network in the early 2000s, but the humor was much closer to modern programming, also known as PG-13.

But he still followed the basic formula: Superpowered girls go out and woo demons. Pretty standard, but it was well executed.

And some curve balls were thrown for good measure.

But the show throws us a Hail Mary when the two girls go home after winning another fight, and one of them just chops the other into little pieces of meat and says It was a joke all along, I’m actually a demon.

For the first time, it was truly a memorable experience.

1. The Neon Gospel Genesis

Fun fact: The studio that made this series has added two more to that list. Coincidence? Probably not.

The original 24-episode crusade confused many people. And unlike today, they couldn’t just look to YouTube for an explanation.

After so much action, death and people too deep for my little soul to bear, the series ends with this bizarre shot of Shinji, the main character, stumbling and rethinking his own worth.

He manages to find a glimmer of hope and that’s it, the show ends.

Not to go off into the sunset and make heroic speeches. Just a psychology lesson from a show that gave half the viewers a breakdown.

Unfinished business is covered by subsequent payments, so don’t worry: You can definitely start now if you haven’t already.

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