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This week at Bungie, we present seasonal challenges.

Welcome to the penultimate TWAB of the hunting season. Many of you have explored the mysteries of the Harbinger mission, unlocked randomly rolled Hawkmoons, and won the magnificent exotic ship Accipiter. Overall, we’re nearing the end of the season, and we’re incredibly excited about what’s to come in a few weeks. We’ve already posted about some upcoming changes to Destiny 2’s quality of life, like B. the return of Shadow Engravings, but it’s almost time to look at some new content.

The trailer season begins on the 2nd. Broadcast in February 2021.

Before we get to that, we should talk about a new aspect, seasonal challenges, and a series of weapon-related sandbox changes. As a warning, that’s a lot of information in a small space. We’ve already joked about TWABs on meat, but this one might seem a little too heavy if you hurry. Let’s take it slow, step by step, and let’s make sure it all happens in one piece.

We present to you: Seasonal calls

Over the past year, we’ve been looking for ways to reduce FOMO (Fear of Missing) in Destiny 2. We’ve recently made some changes to seasons and how seasonal content is available in Destiny 2 in a given year. This week we look at bonuses and glitter, and introduce a new system that not only eliminates FOMO, but also offers new ways to earn XP and alternative rewards. We turn the mic over to the development team, who explain the details of the seasonal challenges.

Team Dev: During the production of Beyond Light, we began to look at the fatigue of generosity and FOMO, as well as the understandability of the seasons (i.e., what is seasonal? and how do I deal with it when I apply?) We have defined several objectives that we believe will improve the experience :

  • Give new, old and experienced players tips on what to do today or this week.
  • Guide the player through the season’s content, week by week.
  • Encourage players to convey the complexities and nuances of seasonal activities and rituals.
  • Reduce XP and Bright Dust penalties when you’re gone for a week.

To address these challenges, we are introducing a new type of harassment for players – seasonal challenges. Seasonal calls are posted live on their own page, are accessible through the log or seasonal subscription, and are separated by week.

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Here is a brief description of how this feature works:

  • During the first 10 weeks of the season, 3 to 10 new challenges will automatically appear for the players each week.
    • Some of the challenges are related to seasonal maintenance.
    • Others push players to complete Strikes, The Gambit and The Crucible or focus on inactive fate rituals, such as. B. Gain strength, unlock seasonal artifact mods or upgrade weapons and armor.
  • These tasks can only be done once per account, but once they are available, they can be done at any time before the end of the season.
    • For example, if a player doesn’t play in weeks 2 through 4, they can come back in week 5 and all these challenges await them!
  • After completing each event, you will earn an XP bonus that contributes to the title of Seasonal Traveler.
    • Other rewards may include Bright Dust, a seasonal currency, or other fun stuff!

Moving away from weekly bonuses that were limited to general ritualistic goals has given us more leeway to create interesting or more challenging tasks. These can be things you already do or things that test your skills. Here are a few examples:

  • The victory of the primitive messengers in The Gambit
  • Defeat your enemies before nightfall: The ordeal of a seasonal weapon
  • Reaching the rank of disgrace or value.
  • Purchase of ritual weapons and their cosmetic accessories
  • The winning rounds of the trials of Osiris competition.
  • Closing of the Night of the Great Masters

Not all challenges require this level of performance, but the harder or longer the challenge, the more experience it provides. Challenges that focus on seasonal activities and rituals usually require a season pass, but most ritual-based challenges can be completed without a season pass. Overall, about 60% of season calls do not require a season ticket.

With the above changes, we are removing the weekly rewards for the three ritual vendors (Zavala, Shaxx and Drifter), Banshee-44 and seasonal vendors. These vendors will continue to receive daily XP rewards, and the three Ritual vendors will have recurring rewards for those of you who want extra XP and Bright Dust.

Finally, most challenges disappear after the season in which they were introduced, and anything unclaimed is lost. After the tenth week, we won’t be adding any new challenges, so everyone has a few weeks to complete the ones they haven’t yet. Any challenge that rewards unique or seasonal items (coins, legend books, seasonal weapons, etc.) can be completed as long as there is a seasonal activity going on, but the XP you get for completing the challenge is only available during the season in which the challenge was completed.

Let’s talk about light dust

Even before the launch of Beyond Light, we discussed some goals related to the changes at Bright Dust. Refreshment: We wanted to change the way you earn shine dust and go more towards account paths to give players with unique characters much more shine dust than they earned last year. In season 13, we will continue to make progress toward these goals by adding Bright Dust to the season’s challenges.

Since you no longer have to buy weekly ritual bonuses, you’ll receive between 75 and 300 Shine Dust for each seasonal Strike, Crucible, and Gambit challenge. We’re also introducing the Hell Dust bonus at the end of the season – if you complete (almost) all the tests of the season, you’ll receive a stack of 4000 Hell Dust.

Additionally, each Ritual Seller Challenge (8 full bonuses) grants 120 Shine Dust to each character that completes it each week. And with the elimination of weekly rewards, the only challenges of the season that reward Bright Dust will be challenges that can be taken on by both season ticket holders and free players. Here’s a breakdown of how much you should be earning with Bright Dust during season 13.

Bright Dust Seasonal Challenges (all players)

  • Free seasonal events – $6,000
  • Seasonal surcharge – $4,000
  • Total – 10,000 Brilliant Dust

Passage of the season Shiny fabric

  • Free Path – 7,500 (all players)
  • Paid following – 3000 (players who have a season ticket)
  • Total – 10,500 Chandelier fabric

Weekly Ritual Vendor Dust of Shine Challenge (all players)

We still plan to offer weekly and recurring Hell Dust bonuses for seasonal events, allowing you to get a little more Hell Dust for the rewards you want.

Don’t forget to apply at all seasonal polling places where Bright Dust is assigned before the end of the season. Once the season is over, the associated challenges and their Bright Dust rewards expire and can no longer be claimed.

It’s always exciting when you introduce a new feature in Destiny 2. We hope that the changes described above will make it easier to set goals that will be achieved on a weekly basis. As always, we look forward to hearing from you when you take your first seasonal test, so let us know what you think!

Back to sandbox

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Each season, Destiny 2’s sandbox undergoes many changes to spice things up. This season, we’re making targeted adjustments to the archetypal weapons that require love, and we’re also starting to prepare for cross-fighting.

Team Dev: In preparation for the crossover battle that will take place later this year, we are making some changes to Recoil’s stats.

Currently, the use of mouse and keyboard reduces the recoil of some weapon archetypes by about 40% (depending on the archetype). This leads to a problem where mouse and keyboard players can largely ignore stability weapon statistics, resulting in unintended weapon differences between controllers and mouse and keyboard.

For the following weapon types, the mouse and keyboard recoil has been moved closer to the controller (the difference has been reduced from ~40% to ~20%).

  • Automatic rifle.
  • Scout rifle
  • Pulse rifle
  • Machine Gun
  • Hand cannon
  • Machine Gun

With the impulse rifle, the submachine gun and the submachine gun, we will also have a few amateurs step up. In some cases, these weapons will have less recoil than current weapons, both with joystick and mouse/keyboard.

  • Machine guns are far superior to automatic rifles for medium range and small arms for short range, with player criticism often relating to the difficulty of operation. To eliminate this feedback, we are making the following change:
    • Reduces camera shake by 24% during machine gun fire.
  • Pulse rifles with mouse and keyboard have changed too much.
    • 7% reduction in camera movement when firing the pulse rifle.
  • The machine gun with the mouse and keyboard changes were too snappy.
    • Machine gun camera movement was reduced by 9.5%.

We will be closely monitoring how these changes manifest themselves as they take effect, and we plan to revise individual archetypes as necessary in future updates.

In addition to the Recoil adjustments, we will also be reworking some weapon archetypes in Season 13. After reviewing internal data and feedback from the public, we have agreed on the following:


  • Missile launchers have fallen behind other heavy weapons by most measures of effectiveness, we push them further into the bucket of rolling damage.
    • Missile launcher damage has increased by 30%.
    • Exotic launchers are configured separately and are subject to this change to varying degrees.
    • Along with last season’s reserve fans, we hope you’ll blow up a lot more in season 13!
  • Fusion rifles are used very little, and they seem to be an unreliable choice in the crucible compared to shotguns.
    • Increased initial drop distance for damage caused by thermoplastic guns, based on range data. (6% with a range of 0, 16% with a range of 100).
    • 9.5% reduction in camera shake when firing a fusion gun.
  • The breech hitting grenade launcher is very rarely used (off the mount). We think this is partly because it is difficult to hold the trigger in your hand and then release it to detonate, partly because projectiles can bounce off when the trigger is held.
    • Grenade launcher projectiles now explode when hit by a character, even if you pull the trigger.


  • Although the use of sniper rifles has declined in Le Creuset, we have found that it is difficult to challenge someone with a sniper rifle – even if you fire the first shot at an opponent, they can often react and win the fight.
    • Improved ADS for snipers when receiving damage from other players.
  • Swords are very dominant in PvE. Currently, 65% of players use swords for the majority of matches in Destiny 2. While we can imagine rocket launchers being a bit more appealing, we think swords do too much damage compared to other options.
    • Reduces sword damage by 15%.

Exotic changes and bug fixes

  • Some exotic weapons lose their appeal when you switch weapons. You will also lose their fans if they accidentally disable your Ghost Shell. This problem is solved with this weapon:
    • The ace of spades
    • Tarrabach
    • Scale Month
  • Borealis and Hard Light now have a custom animation (short enough) to change the damage type.
  • Duality
    • Increase the distance of the damage trap by 1.25 m (by pulling from the hip and aiming downwards).
    • Reduced maximum buff stacks from 7 to 5, each stack now gives more damage bonus, buff duration has increased slightly.
  • Storm reloads any special weapon equipped on a kill, unless the special weapon’s magazine is already full and spare ammo is available.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Merciless from increasing the royalty rate on non-lethal hits.

And before we leave, we have a quick update planned on Arbalestine. It won’t be ready in time for the ninth. February will be ready, but we expect it to land later in season 13!

We now know that without these changes, it can be difficult to determine the amount of buffer and nerve. Not to mention that in Season of the. As always, we look forward to these changes in the wilderness on the 9th. February and would appreciate your comments.

Crimson Days

Each year we look to February as a time to celebrate the bonds of friendship within the community. The Guardians know this celebration as the Crimson Days. This was one of the first seasonal events in Destiny 1, a tradition we picked up in Destiny 2. While the Crimson Days were a great time, we believe they have been qualitatively underrated in recent years.

So we decided to stop the Crimson Days movement. While we will miss the event, this decision allows us to focus on alternative seasonal offerings, from quests to entertainment and more. We have a lot planned for the season and hope to maintain or even improve the quality you expect from your next outing.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to Crimson Takes, our annual Crimson Days playlist. This game type is currently being transferred to Destiny’s content room, but may return in the future.

Thank you to all the Guardians who have attended this event with us over the years. Crimson may not be hanging in the tower, but we have no doubt you’ll be training Crimson Bonds for years to come.


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For those of you who are new to TWAB: Welcome to the player support report. This section is dedicated to known issues, ongoing investigations, and current updates for Destiny 2. Our player support team scours the help forum daily, gathering information on new releases and posting help articles.

Here’s his report on the most talked about topics of the past week.


Updates to the vendor progression system will mean that crucible tokens and crucible gifts will no longer be required and will be placed with the scrap, which will be removed as a full stack starting in season 13. In addition, at the end of the hunting season, current allocations of stasis fragments are destroyed. Players are encouraged to make all tokens and treasure coins and complete all stasis fragment missions available before the start of season 13.


As we continue to investigate various known issues, here’s a list of recent issues that have been reported to us on the #Help forum:

  • Stasis abilities can be difficult for colorblind players to distinguish between friend and foe.
  • The triumph of the double problem is impossible to achieve.
  • During the Deep Stone Crawl raid, the extra slot timer will occasionally reset during the final encounter with Tanix.
  • In the final battle against the Consecrated Spirit in the Garden of Salvation, you may find yourself tying up a shielded cable box instead of a light cable box.
  • The hunter’s legs are bound together by the ten-yard sparrow sword.
  • In the Last Desire raid, the tiles in the Shurochi puzzle room don’t work when a Titan bubble or wizard is placed on them.
  • Plasticity of the titanium phenotype The eye clusters of the helmet no longer glow red.
  • Rudimentary weekly and daily killers have stopped getting out of control.
  • If you recharge grenades while using the higher subclass Voidwalker as a Warlock, the super energy is no longer recharged.

For a complete list of problems encountered in Destiny 2, players can check out our article on known issues. Players who find other problems can report them in our
#Help forum.


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It was fun to watch the Hawk Month clips and montages throughout the season. With the recently introduced random throws, players push the boundaries of this exoticism and make 1v1 encounters in Le Creuset that they might otherwise avoid. This week our best pick not only has a nice roll on Bonus, but also a killer roll on Audio!

Movie of the Week: Ding, ding, ding.

Video link

Movie of the Week: Violin with a deep stone/piano lullaby

Video link

Movie of the Week: … that’s a lot of Hawk-Moon…

Video link

As always: If you would like to submit your creation to participate in a future TWAB, please create a post on the creation community portal.

Loan at maturity

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Every day we spend a minute scrolling through various social media apps and viewing the community’s artwork. We are always impressed by the talents many of you possess and look forward to sharing your work with a wider audience.

Here is an overview of the artworks and direct links to their authors. Forward them if you’d like to see more of their work!

Art of the Week: Sharing Art

The art of sharing fate! !! Spread the positivity, it doesn’t matter how often you make art or how many pieces you’ve created, post your favorites! #Destiny2Art #DestinyArtShare

– alex️ (@miyagiie) 25. January 2021

Art of the Week: Eris

나는야 내일부터 월급쟁이 #냙서

– 김냘본™ (@NyarNyarbon) January 17, 2021

Cheers and don’t forget to tag your content with some form of #Destiny2Art so we can find you easily!

That’s it for this week, folks. The season is almost here. Next week TWAB will be previewing the patches, so stop by if you’re interested!

If she turns seven, we will add a new landing zone in Europe next season.

– Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame) 27. January 2021

I’ll see you early next Tuesday morning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.


2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to release it in that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.

By 2020, there will be a lot of… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games waiting for you in the first half of 2020.

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