Today I came back from a break to play HOTS. A friend of mine, a brand new player, level 23, who has almost no heroes, wanted to play HOTS with me, so I played a quickmatch with him on one of my other accounts under mmr, hoping he would have fun learning the game and decide to invest more time in it, because HOTS is honestly a very cool and fun game.

During our first match, we were completely trampled. At the end of the game, as expected, the opponent played in 5 stages with an insane victory. Ok, no problem, I guess we were unlucky at that point. I made sure that after the game, I checked the position of the stack of the 5 stages, and waited until they were in play, so we could get back in line (although no one is supposed to do that).

The next game we lost to normal players, so it was a normal game.

Then, in the next game, we were trampled by another five stacks. I made sure to avoid them again before getting in line. In the next game, we were crushed by five more stacks.

So, at this point, I’m very annoyed. My friend clearly doesn’t appreciate it. I think HOTS is a great game, and I want him to enjoy it.

I checked out the gameplay of the stack 5 against us, my friend, a level 23 player who has less than 5 heroes. It is the game of five-stack matches:

thlxfdtdlnf61 - These pictures will show you the pathetic state of quickmatch and why the game is dying

mxc719velnf61 - These pictures will show you the pathetic state of quickmatch and why the game is dying

Blizzard, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

There are 5 stacks whose constant work ruins the playing experience of others. They do it ALWAYS, look at the number of games. How many players do you think give up HOTS every week because of this? Guys, if you want to answer this thread, answer this question.

Moreover, the fact that Genji is the only loss in this sea of victories is also funny, because Genji is another gag, a garbage hero for over 2 years with a terrible variety of talents and who ignores everything except the previous undeserved brutality.

Oh, and we actually had a nice game after that, which we won. But you know what? I bet it wasn’t fun at all for the opposing team, because look at their damn team composition. Cho’gall + 3 tanks, seriously?

So, the 2 most important and brilliant problems of the All-Star Game:

  1. 5 stacks (and by the way, the major parties can control not only their own draft but also the opponent’s, for example, they can choose a chain stunner by deliberately avoiding a tank and the opponent’s team then has no tanks to manage)
  2. Lack of tossups, terrible team comps, every game is a roll of the RNG dice.

I know the Quickmatch defenders are going to downgrade this position, but right now I don’t care. Quickmatch should have had a plan in place a year ago. Even a blind draft would have made Quickmatch a much better game, or an option to allow certain players. There have been so many suggestions to improve Quickmatch’s team composition, and how many of them have been tried in a blizzard? No.

Do you know why the forum and Reddit are operated by Quicksilver Match Defenders? I’ll tell you why. They are the minority who can put up with a whole lot of fast money.

Everyone else who couldn’t handle a quick game left the game long ago.

I have played Dota Turbo and Blind Draft League, two very casual game modes that have a draft, and provide a much better experience than HOTS, even though HOTS is a better game.

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