In this guide, you will learn how to achieve 100% of the Wild Eight’s achievements. If you are one of those players who wants to achieve all the success of the Wild Eight, then this guide is for you.

Before you begin, keep in mind that this guide may contain spoilers about the game. If you are looking for a specific realization, simply search for the message by pressing Ctrl+F.

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Guide on making the Wild Eight

There are a total of 25 achievements in the Wild Eight. 3 of these achievements are hidden and secret. Below are the steps you need to follow to get them.

The crash was just the beginning. Complete the first quest in the story.

Time is flying. Will you make it to 4?

One more time in battle – Restart the game for the first time.

I am Alpha. Kill the wolf the first time.

They will arrive until the eighth day.

Dinner for eight – cook each type of meat 8 times.

40 skills, 1 time to learn all 40 skills.

An unexpected pleasure – Eating human flesh for the first time.

  • After brooding, you can go get a piece of your corpse. If you don’t want to die, you can get a piece of the 2nd part of the map. (after the bridge).

It’s been two weeks… – Will live until the 15th day.

The Real Rabbit Hunter – Kill a rabbit with the trap for the first time.

  • Build a trap and place it in a place where many rabbits go. You don’t have to stay near the trap. I caught it when I was in the bunker.

Tree Stomper – Collection of 1000 trees

The miner’s task – to collect 1,000 minerals.

The new month is until the 31st.

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Spelunker – Find a glowing diamond and equip it while in the caves.

  • They are randomly generated, I found several in a corridor

Alone in the bunker is the complete search for “Home Sweet Home”.

Groundhog Day – Game 10 reloads

  • They die and are reborn. The fastest way is to finish the game. Run from entrance 2 and go down into the pit.

The map is finally complete! – Unlock 1040 tiles on the map

  • You don’t have to do the whole map, just the tiles.

Home, Sweet Home – Unlock 6 rooms in the HUB

  • Under “Points of Interest” you will find references from around the world.

40 skills, 140 times – Upgrade each skill to its maximum level.

  • Upgrade skills. You unlock them before you get everything to the maximum level.

Where were you in August 1992 – performing the assignment “The Door”.

Survival Expert – Lifespan up to 100 days

Winter cultivation – growing 8 seedlings in the HUB greenhouse

  • Under “Points of interest” you will find seeds from all over the world.

Man against gambling – Surviving day 200.

  • It is by far the performance that lasts the longest. On your own, it’s easy to do. After receiving the seeds, AFK sets in the middle and feeds from time to time. If you have two screens, you can switch to window mode and use the other screen at the same time.

In perfect condition – Repair weapons in a very critical state using a two-way teleporter.

  • Weapons must have a force of less than 5

Welcome to the VAPOR-3 transit system – use the transit system with the VAPOR-3 suit, the VAPOR-3 armored boots, the VAPOR-3 helmet and the equipped shovel.

  • Get a yellow VAPOR-3 kit and travel on transit.


Note: The tiles are randomly generated, but the basic positions remain relatively the same.

The Wild Eight The Wild Eight The Wild Eight The Wild Eight

Notes to the financial statements

  • If you are blocked, there is a chat command: “/glued in the north”.
  • Press the Enter key to activate it.
  • Try it a few times.
  • All operating instructions: North, East, West, South

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