Nowadays there are tycoon games that can simulate just about anything.

Software Inc. stands out because it addresses a topic that is particularly relevant today.

From learning to program in your room to owning one of the largest offices in Silicon Valley, Software Inc. lets you know everything and gives you insight into the ups and downs of success in the industry.

Since the game is developed by one person, the community has taken it upon themselves to add minor tweaks here and there. Turn Software Inc. into a kind of partnership with models.

Here are some of the most useful things to have on hand as you begin your journey to becoming the world’s best software developer.

15. Simple tables

Game Mod

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Whether you are starting out at home or have bought a small office, one of the most important things you need to invest in is good furniture.

It may not seem that important.

But if you’re going to be at your desk all day, it’s important that the space is comfortable and that you’re productive.

This simple set of desks should give you extra options to make the most of your workspace.

14. Universal seats

Modern universal chairs for Software Inc.

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Of course you need chairs to get to those tables.

And these universal chairs can help you do just that.

This mod offers four additional seating options to furnish your office, including a swivel chair, a conference chair, a stool and a modular bench.

This should cover your seating needs, even if you have a much larger office.

iKO – Flora

iKO - Screenshot of a mod by Flora Software Inc.

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IKEA systems have become indispensable to any technology addict. But adding plants around any workspace is a great way to add color and life to your environment.

With the iKO – Flora package you have a set of 8 different houseplants at your disposal with which you can decorate your office space.

If you sit at a desk all day, you can get bored. Therefore, it would be an excellent supplement that could even improve performance.

12. Artwork BaFo

Game Mod

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If the plants aren’t enough to get your girls excited about this new game you’re all about, consider pinning some inspiration to the walls.

The BaFo Artworks Pack adds 40 posters to the game, inspired by RTS’ BattleForge 2009.

Their sight on the walls should motivate your demons, as they have a positive effect on craftsmanship and mood.

11. Multi-monitor configuration


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As your technology business grows and makes more and more money, you need to decide how much to invest to improve your business.

What better way to make sure your developers have all the tools they need to do the best job possible?

This multi-monitor setup mode adds options to configure two, three, four or even more monitors on each workstation on your device.

This option is an upgrade to a modern computer and will be launched simultaneously in 2000.

As expected, the presence of multiple monitors increases energy consumption, but at the same time contributes to a better environment.

10. Lettering plates

Game Mod

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You may have noticed that some of the biggest technology companies in the world also have some of the most impressive offices.

They are quite attractive from the outside, as they usually have large colorful panels that let you know remotely who they are.

Don’t worry about it: If you do it right, your business will catch up and you’ll probably want to install your own signs.

With Modern Letter Marks, you can do this by adding letters that allow you to create your own custom characters.

9. Small modern office

Game Mod

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Some of you may not like the construction aspect very much, preferring to spend your time improving the productivity and performance of your business.

If so, you may be interested in taking a look at some of the prefabricated buildings that the fashion world has to offer.

So you can choose and move on.

A small, modern office is a great option for a business that is just starting out, but getting more serious. It offers you and your employees a two-story workspace where you can keep busy.

8. Starting up 269


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If you have a little more savings and want to invest in something bigger and better, consider StartUp 269.

StartUp 269 is a design building designed for a young, mid-sized company, with some of the most avant-garde designs and décor.

The building has a total of 6 floors and 9 team rooms, as well as a canteen and a nice outdoor terrace where employees can spend their breaks.

7. Glass box software Headquarters

Glassbox Corporate Center software update

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Once you’re at the top, you want a better office – and there are many options for that, depending on your personal taste.

One option is the headquarters of Glassbox Software, which already has great outdoor signage.

The design is modern and consists of two large towers connected by a low lobby in the middle.

One thing is that it comes unfurnished, so you’ll have to set up the interiors yourself.

6. Adobe Headquarters

Game Mod

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The next modification is an incredible version of the building and includes a replica of Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, California.

Looking at the side-by-side comparisons, the modder has done a great job recreating the building in Software Inc, and all the details are enough to get it into your game.

The offices are, of course, huge, with three interconnecting towers providing space for everything you need to work.

Unfortunately, the interior is also unfurnished at this time. So you have to keep doing it yourself.

5. Skytwist tower


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Some towers look like big technology companies. But they are not as impressive as Oleg Mysak’s Skytwist Tower.

This moderator took a different approach and provided only one tower for the entire office.

The absence of other buildings is completely compensated by the fact that you have 41 floors and a park on the roof.

Please note that you will need all the floors! The mod set up for this works because it goes way beyond the game.

4. Best Game Mod

Better Game Mod for Software Inc.

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Of course, building offices is not the most important part of the game.

Creating software should be your main goal.

If you’ve decided to specialize in video game development, Milk’s Better Game Mod is worth a look.

The mod expands the available game development options, including dynamic weather, DLC, HD graphics and more.

3. Software expansion Mod.

Screenshot in software improvement mode

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Software development is not limited to video games.

And there are other mods that cover these areas.

Of particular note is the software extension mod, which adds various development technologies within cloud software, communication software and streaming software, among others.

The technologies are grouped by year and reflect real life compared to the year they are available to you in the game.

2. Anyfin Modsoftware

Anyfin Software Mod for Software Inc.

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The Anyfin software module is another interesting option to add a whole new technology to your software with over 150 new features.

Among the new software tools included in the mod are editing tools, recording tools, browsers and even viruses to spice things up.

1. Hardware mod


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Well, if you really want to get further into the game, the hardware mod is one of the best to install.

This mod actually improves the hardware side of things by adding new motherboards, processors, memory and graphics cards to the game.

With all the extra hardware in the mod, there are now over 15,000 different combinations you can work with.

This adds a whole new dimension to the game.

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