It’s Necros, the soul manipulator. The battlefield belongs to Necros, Tenno. Death is his playground. The new master of death.

With the introduction of Sevagoth, I’m really excited to see such an interesting and well-made Warframe-themed game. Sevagoth is clearly a character of the Reaper, and with his manipulation of souls, darkness, and his ability to turn himself into a dark creature, he is focused on hand-to-hand combat. It’s a good inventory and a welcome addition to the Warframe list, but one thing that immediately concerned me was our resident necromancer, Necros, and the way his set and theme fit into the Warframe universe, as well as the overall gameplay, which I think requires more focus and attention to differentiate him as a necromancer from Sevagot, better than the Grim Reaper.

I’m talking about a main Necros with over 1700 hours of gameplay, and Necros is by far my most played Warframe. I’m a big fan of necromancy in games and minigames, so I write this with a lot of love for the character and the mechanics he uses, and I hope this information reaches the developers in some way to help improve Necros.

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Necromancer v. Mower

Necros are essentially necromancers, and as such they specialize in the art of scaring, handling corpses and resurrecting the dead. The basic gameplay works pretty well in that regard, as it covers all those aspects, but the biggest problem lies with Minion gameplay, as it’s very obvious to anyone who’s been playing Necros for a long time that Shadow of the Dead isn’t a good Minion ability to really do the job, and becomes more of a CC and damage prevention ability that needs to be improved from time to time. In this view, he could just be 90% flamed, which would also distract nearby enemies, making the only playable option for Necros a weapon platform that uses minions as a means of damage control. Obviously, developers don’t like executives who play themselves and let AI-controlled characters do all the fighting for them (as in the case of Protea and his trickery in short order), but doing this with Necros essentially forces him to become a Reaper military executive who uses black magic and hand-to-hand combat to kill enemies, which is diametrically opposed to what Sevagot wants to become. At that point, I suggest something.

1. The shadows of the dead turn into a switch.

Shadow of the Dead already works as a stooge with Necros’ ability, but the problem is that you can’t get him most of the time because you have to constantly improve him and he consumes a large amount of energy in every 4 punches. I suggest that the Shadows remove the degradation of their health and use the Necros to drain energy. This works well with his current playstyle, as Defile can be used to obtain extra energy orbs to keep the flow going, and his penchant for healthy reproduction actively works with the balance, allowing Nekros to generate just as much energy as he kills enemies, ultimately giving him just as much energy but nothing to really spend it on except to update the SOTD timer. This makes his game more fluid, as he no longer has to stop every 20 seconds to land on the ground and regroup, and he can more carefully work his Necros alongside his minions instead of having them close by to help his Necromancer. I also suggest that the hold/pressure interaction works with the SOTD, so hold should enable/disable the ability and pressure should trigger short animations to teleport your minions to you. If developers need to consider any of these points, make sure it’s this one.

2. Shadows need to be scaled better…

At this stage, shadows are essentially bags of meat that can do no real damage to the enemy. This affects all henchmen in play (except the Celestial Twin Wukong), because henchmen summoned into play use the opponent’s stats, not ours. Since the enemy’s damage is much less than ours, but their health is much higher, the shadows only retreat into the enemy, but never really kill many people, except for the occasional trash pile. My suggestion would be to either improve the scale instead of increasing the percentage of damage with the current skill, like they did with the Wauban skill, or have the weapon mods affect shadow damage. This allows Necros to refocus on his role as acolyte of the necromancer and reaper, and concentrate on supporting his program. For those of you who disagree with the idea of a shadow in the game for the Necros player, I want to say that the Celestial Twin exists and I think it’s a great example of how a servant should work in Warframe, so I think it would make more sense for a Necromancer character to have a good or at least competent Summoning.

3. Soul Punch needs a complete overhaul / needs to become a new skill.

Soulstrike is by far Necros’ weakest skill, and is considered by many to be one of the game’s worst skills. Currently it essentially acts as a single CC target with the small advantage of being marked for resurrection after death. The biggest drawback, however, is that, first, the tag duration is extremely short and should be either a longer error message or a permanent one that allows Nekros players to focus on the targets they want to animate rather than scrambling to kill the enemy they just tagged, and second, the CC element of this game, like the original Iron Jab Wukong, is too slow at the current Warframe pace and focuses on only one enemy. I suggest changing the switching function and also removing the CC element. Tap acts as a marker, like a Sky Twin can hit a specific enemy, while Hold marks the enemy with the current Resurrection start, but with a much longer duration and slower effect. This would encourage the management of minions in the game, make Necros masters of their calling, give you the ability to choose which enemies you want to revive, and I think when targets die, pressing the shadow button will heal them, with my previous suggestion to switch to SOTD mode, Necros will help players take care of their minions and use them consistently instead of just trying to reactivate the ability every 30 seconds to prevent their 90% dr shield from falling.

Agricultural framework

We all know what the Necros in Warframe are primarily used for, and that’s agricultural resources. So much so that Necros has become known to many as a farm manager, essentially acting as a Desecrate.exe type robot and nothing more. While I find defilement perfectly acceptable and should remain so, I would like to point out other executives like Hydroid and Hora who also have farming abilities, but their recruitment and theming is quite unique outside of their role as farmers. That said, I think the above suggestions to change this ability will help draw attention to its Necromancer theme, as the game still has the ability to desecrate the farm, making it useful outside of the game, controlled by minions.

Teleportation error

One of the biggest problems I have as a regular Necros player is that the SOTD has a major bug that sometimes harms it. The bug is that sometimes, due to what I think is level geometry or some other random factor, if you restart SOTD while you still have shadows, some of them won’t teleport with you and get stuck in the previous position they were in. This can be as small an effect as six of your seven shadows walking with you to your next destination, or as devastating as one of them teleporting to you. Since many surviving Necros use their shadows to reduce damage and distract enemies, this can quickly lead to your death if you find yourself in a combat situation. Sometimes repeating an ability over and over refuses to teleport minions to you, and instead you have to wait for your old shadows to die and create new ones so they can actually do their job instead of continuing to fight in the previous spot. This is especially frustrating in game modes where you need to get from one point to another, such as. B. in destruction and mobile defense missions. As such, especially if my previous skill changes were to be implemented, this bug should definitely be fixed, as the Necros’ increasing focus on being a service-centric frame cripples him in several places if he can’t teleport from the shadows.

Construction problem

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Necro’s are very tight, as different parts of the set require different mods to work properly. The picture above is my current build, which will be pretty similar to most other Necros builds, as it definitely needs some of these mods. I will explain why I made my choices, why I think they are important, and what can be changed to promote diversity.

1. The Despolada and the Shadow Shield

If you’re a Necros player, you certainly know how important it is to desecrate and how much energy it saves when you use Desecrate. In all aspects of the Necros, it is almost mandatory to maintain the ability to work, as there are many more ways to restore health quickly than to gather energy for maintenance in a short period of time. Shadow Shield, on the other hand, is also a must for any Necros building that isn’t just a spoiled farm building, because the damage resistance it provides is too tempting to pass up, and it’s one of the few ways SOTD minions are useful to the Necros. Actually, I like being a mod because it offers something unique and different from capacity, so I would leave it as is. However, I suggest that Corruption be the first ability of Corruption, so that health is used instead of energy, because almost no one I know works without Corruption, because it is so easy to maintain it by constantly draining health, which also fits well with the Thematization ability of Blood Magic. Instead, I propose a new ability mod that increases the chance of desecrating another item from 54% to 100%, as this would provide a modniche for specialized Necro farming and help add variety as Necro’s could have a farm or combat oriented role.

2. Starch

I dedicated a high power and 2 mods simply because the shadow shield needs this amount to reach 90% DR. I feel like the energy requirements are too high and keep me from building an area in the Necros, because I simply don’t have the space when I need these special energy mods to help me survive. Instead, I suggest that the Necros needs 150% power to reach 90% DK, because that would mean it needs 2 mods, a shadow shield, and at least 1 power mod to get the 90% DK shield that many other weapons have in their kit.

3. Survival modules

Some people say I have too many ways to survive and that keeps me from building differently, but what I would say is try to use only health conversions or customizations like Necros and try to get first kills to build SOTDs. You’ll quickly notice that Necros is a completely paperless character and a necromancer, although this makes sense since we’ve established that his minions can’t fire enough shots or do enough damage to eliminate threats. As such, Necros essentially has to be built like a tank to survive and face enemies, which is completely at odds with his sense of a Necromancer character. I think with my previous suggestions about changing capabilities, this could help with survival and increasing distance from death or even efficiency to help with the loss of power from the SOTD switch.

4. natural talent

It’s just that this mod is here so I can keep up with the pace of modern Warframe. Stopping Necros about every 25 seconds to repeat his slow animation, or even just to roll his shadows at shorter intervals, gives a very good playstyle that just doesn’t fit the way the game is currently played, and could very easily get him killed while I’m throwing. By suggesting making SOTD a swap, I think that would help solve the problem and it would mean that I would only use natural for the first casting, which is pretty much preferred.

All of this together results in a lack of space for Necros builds and the resulting lack of variety, but with my suggestions, I think this will alleviate the problem and help make Necros builds more interesting and varied for different game modes or situations.


As I said at the beginning, I’m very excited about Sevagoth and what they’re going to be in Warframe. However, it seems to me that the themes of Necros and Sevagot are too similar at the moment. I play the role of the Necros reaper, jumping into battle with heavy mowing attacks and using Shadows of the Dead to create a shield that protects me while actively dealing with enemies. From what we have seen so far, Sevagoth is the same, but with a much stronger emphasis on darkness, the flight of life and, of course, its dark form. Necros is a Necromancer combat frame, not a Reaper, and since this new board entry essentially replaces the Necros theme and makes it a farm frame, I think it’s important to put more emphasis on his servant’s play and reduce his playstyle from start, throw, stop, update every 25 seconds. I hope you all agree with me, and I hope the developers at least take back these ideas and implement them into the game by Update 30 in March. The necromancer is supposed to be a necromancer, not just a death knight, it’s the avengers move.

Doctor Necros needs to be more like the Necromancer, make his minions more meaningful, fix the teleportation bug, promote diversity, make the Shadow of the Dead a switching device instead of a timer.

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frequently asked questions

How do I get Necros Warframe 2020?

Does the power of a power affect the Necros?

Damage, shield and health bonus are affected by the strength of the skill, while the number of active shadows is not.

What affects Necros infection?

Health care costs are affected by skill efficiency. Very useful in survival missions due to the large number of enemies. Necros can also desecrate privacy tools with cadavers.

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