Here you will find detailed instructions on how to complete Birdie’s quest “The Pirate’s Wife”.

Stardew Valley

In this guide you will find solutions on how to complete one of Birdie’s missions called “The Pirate’s Wife” in Stardew Valley. If you want to see more methods for the Pirate’s Wife quest in Stardew Valley, you can visit this link.

Birdie is an elderly woman who lives in a cabin on Ginger Island, on the far west side of the island. If you talk to her, the quest “The Pirate’s Wife” begins. If you give her the “Pirate’s Rosette”, the search will end. Birdie is nowhere to be found when it rains on the Fern Islands. When the quest is over, you will see Birdie fishing on the beach, you can talk to her, but she is not good at it.

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Industrial site

You need 10 golden notes, which you usually get on the way to the volcano. So you need to do a little research and take advantage of destroying the metal chests in the volcano and some of the monsters in the dungeon.

This must be done before we get to the island, because then we can see if the parrots can make us move up the piece with the golden note.

In the course of this research, I was able to understand certain details:

  • In the volcano, there are 10 levels.
  • Once on the island, the old woman tells us about her pirate and tells us that he was shipwrecked years ago when he was looking for pieces of a broken ship.
  • He tells us that he is back on the island and that he is not only back on the island because there are other memories that he is looking for.
  • You have to trade with some villagers.
  • We have to go to the city and take the memory of the war, get an order from Bardi and then talk to the people and get things they can give us.

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Search by

To do this study, we need the articles that will allow us to do the work, and there are:

  • Kent’s tomato salt when we visit him and give him a war memento.
  • During our visit, we visit Gus and give him gourmet tomato salt.
  • We got the remote control when we visited Sandy and gave him a rose.
  • A piece of the North Pole when we get to George’s house and he gives us a modern remote control.
  • A worm that moves when you visit the wizard to give him the arctic shard.
  • Pirate medallion when we go to Willy after giving him the mobile worm.

Now that we have the pirate’s medallion in our hands, we must return to Ginger Island to talk to Bardi. This clears the way for the sketch, and when finished with Bardi, he shows us the recipe for “Fairy Dust”, which is exactly the time to choose the prize of 5 golden notes to complete our task.

How to make energy fairy dust

It is necessary to have certain necessary conditions, and this implies :

  • Diamond: To get it, you have to reach level 50 in the mines or get into deeper levels of the mines, which can mean level 9, because then you can duplicate the diamonds perfectly and turn them into dust.
  • Fairy Rose: this is just a flower that can be obtained in autumn, it can be grown in pots or only in greenhouses.
  • Once we have the fairy dust, we should be careful about using it, because with it we can improve the quality of certain items, because if we can combine silver and fairy dust perfectly, we can reach the quality of gold, which will put an interesting spin on our earnings.

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