Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 is at Evocati. We hope this brings XenoThreat missions AND new events into the game…. we don’t have an ETA yet to know when it will be tested on a larger scale OR LIVE.

The dynamic missions were delayed in late December because they simply weren’t ready, or at least not in the state the AI wanted, and they said they were fixing the problems for now.

Version 3.12.0b LIVE has other major problems that will hopefully be fixed, as ships are not allowed to spawn AND trade.
Daymar rally today, 16. January. It will probably be live when you see this site ….. see. I’ll contact the website and send it over. Come and say hello! SUPPORT!… It’s a 500-kilometer race…. Daymar, and it’s amazing that even now we can hold these great events for fans of the game….

This week it looks like Redeemer will be developed further.

I think a lot of people are excited about how the Savior is going to take it…. We know it’s a smaller, more focused gun and has been redesigned, but it retains its original look and feel.

Talon & Shrike will no longer be available in the Beginner’s Store on the 18th, but will be available in-game in the short to medium term.

The CI will be back to normal this week and we will have the CSI, SCL and monthly reports. But don’t wait until the end of January to update the roadmap!

The question has been asked how and why Star Citizen uses AVX, as these changes have made the pre-2011 processors unusable for Star Citizen.

Clive Johnson said:

AVX has become a requirement for the C++ compiler to use it to optimize the game client. The compiler performs these optimizations (and many others) automatically, using a complex set of rules to evaluate different ways to convert a piece of C++ into machine code. As a result, the compiler may decide to use AVX instructions almost everywhere in the code. Previously, compiler optimizations that used AVX instructions had to be disabled to keep the game running on older processors.

The stability of the server on the telemetry tracking site was also indicated as ZERO, meaning that there has NEVER been a failure. …. with the CIG label :

Oh, yeah, it’s definitely broken. Stability is what I would consider a gateway to Alpha, but certainly not 0. I’m going to tell the analysts responsible for this dashboard that it’s not well laid out.

I saw the public service announcement on Reddit and realized it was also worth mentioning.
Gratitude is dying, even if it is by crashing into the asteroid counter to complete the mission now instead of leaving you…. This is a sensible change.

A question was asked about the cause of the connection server queue issue, when some players get DCs and a message appears saying they are waiting for the connection server….
According to the IC, this problem is both a bug and an assumed message:
It should be displayed when you are not actively logged into the game server and have access to system Q.
If you see this when you’re in the game and you’ve been hit, it’s a bug, and there’s an interruption of backend…. services. To me, it’s basically a 30,000 stealth failure. It’s not like it’s common.
At least the CI is now aware of the problem, and once it can reproduce it accurately, it can get to work solving it.
There were also several videos of a player spawning in some Idris and spears, so it seems to be someone modifying the live game environment, which is considered a hack of the IC (at least that’s the situation as I understand it) …. so I could be wrong, as it’s hard to verify the facts), and all their accounts have since been hacked, and I think it’s been banned forever.

I’ve also talked to members of the SC modding community who disapprove of what they’ve done AND say they’re not contaminating the environment or poking around, using old versions but not affecting the online environment, not cheating or doing anything they consider piracy, and they often talk to CI to finally get support for modding the game as originally planned for Star Citizen.
What I’m trying to say is that if you want to be a Star Citizen moderator, contact one of the ICs before you do anything…. Be aware of the UGC/EULA, but I hope we will have the full support of the moderators in the future…. But of course you shouldn’t interfere with the environment reproducing on ships unless you’re the devil…. Although, who am I to judge.

I think maybe the guy just wanted to have fun with cool spaceships in Alpha and share the video AND at least it’s a vulnerability that the IC knows about now.

I never know what to think about these things, because sometimes people want to do cool things; others are pretty mean or arrogant, and I have no idea what that is. So I leave it more as a cautionary tale.

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