Development issue/problem:

I would like to be able to do a Ribbon task when creating projects with Android Studio to make sure the Ribbon rules are followed.

I tried to use dependencies on tasks, but it didn’t work out. My TeamCity build server uses a build task that performs a stack task to make it work perfectly. However, in the android studio, when the debug build option is selected, the tasks generationDebugSources and compilationDebugJava are interchangeable.

This is what I’ve been trying to do in my crib:

gather round.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

If you only want to configure your Android Studio project to perform the Fault Propensity Check before setting the default startup operation, without affecting the configuration of the sorting tasks, you can perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Startup Programs drop-down list and select Edit

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  1. Select the configuration for the operation of your application

Give here a description of the image

  1. Press + to add a new step.

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  1. Pick a brand lullaby.

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  1. Place a check mark and select the option with the name of the application module and the check mark. (Mine: app:check)

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  1. Click the up arrow to move the new validation step for the existing Gradle compatible validation step.

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Android Studio now performs a plush check and if there are plush errors, the construction fails.

Solution 2:

To inspect the stack and analyze your project, simply choose Analysis > Inspection Code.

You should have a good window with all the problems.

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Also read Run Ribbon in Android Studio for more information.

I’ve been doing some research,trying to add this to your build.Gradle.

lintOptions {
abortOnError true

Many options can be applied to build.gradle.

Solution 3:

To do this, add the following lines to build.gradle :

android {applicationVariants.alle {variant.outputs.elk {output ->def lintTask = tasks [lint${}}]output.assemblage.alle {variant.outputs.elk {output ->def lintTask} = tasks [lint${}] output.assemblage.depends.on lintTask}}.

This makes all your build tasks dependent on the Ribbon task, which actually runs for every build call that Android Studio runs.


With Android Gradle Plugin 3.3 and Gradle 5.x it’s a reworked version with the Kotlin script:

applicationVariants.all {
val lintTask = tasks [lint${name.capitalize()}]

Solution 4:

Check the order

Place a blank cheque in the Freedom collection

Solution No 5:

Here is my solution, which also works when you click Build – Make Project in Android Studio:

android {…afterEvaluate {applicationVariants.all {variant ->// variantName : same as Debug, Releasedef variantName = Now gradle has the instruction to always run ribbon after for example compilation//.For example, run lintDebug after compiling DebugSourcesproject.tasks [compile${variantName}Sources].doLast {project.tasks [lint${variantName}].execute()}}}}}}}.

Solution No 6:

If you want to force an android studio project to do a ribbon check for the default configuration without affecting the configuration of your gradle tasks, AND you want to do this in the gradle build system, you can add the next block outside the android block in the build.gradle application module as follows:

android {
lintOptions {
abortOnError true

tasks.whenTaskAdded { task ->
if ( == compileDevDebugSources) {
task.dependsOn lint
task.mustRunNa lint

Replace compileDevDebugSources with the desired compilation option you have already defined, e.g. B. compileReleaseSources, compileDebugSources, compileStagingDebugSources and so on.

This system has been tested under Android Studio 3.0.

Solution No 7:

I’m just changing @Yoel Gluschnaider’s answer.

When I use Val, it reflects this error:
Cannot set the unknown ribbonTask property for the object type

So I’m replacing him…

applicationVariants.all {
def lintTask = tasks [lint${name.capitalize()}]

and it works great!

Good luck!

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