Razer is breaking new records with the new Viper 8K. The Viper 8K has an impressive search speed of 8,000 Hz, which means it transmits data eight times faster than the average high-end gaming mouse. The Razer Viper itself is a powerful and lightweight mouse designed for competitive gaming and remains a favorite among professional gamers – and for good reason.


    • Incredibly light design at 71 g
    • 0.125 ms battery turn-on time, the longest in the industry
    • Comfortable and sophisticated design Luxury design
    • Excellent sensor with many customizable elements – excellent comfort.


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The Razer Viper has many impressive features, such as the Focus + Sensor 20K and 2nd generation switches. Generation a, the real star of the show is the light 71g design and the increase in polls.

Anyone who has tried a really light mouse like the Viper knows that this makes a huge difference, and even if 20 to 30 g doesn’t make much difference. It’s important to have as little friction as possible when making quick clicks or playing catch in competitive games, and few mice are as good at that as the Razer Viper 8K.

Anything less than 1 ms can seem excessive, and for casual players, who are generally more honest, you’ll notice. However, if you play games like Counter-Strike and need to maintain a slight angle, then the 8K tuning speed may come into play. I’m not going to exaggerate and pretend this will completely change the way you play, but if you want the best conditions for your performance, reporting speed is one of the most important factors to consider.

An in-depth look at the Razor Viper 8K

Performance and features

The Razer Viper 8K is an absolute heavyweight with a powerful motor, but remains one of the lightest mice on the market. And that alone should tell you how good he is at competitive play. The Razer Focus+ Sensor was already one of the best performing gaming sensors on the market, but with the increase in polls, it easily ranks above all others.

Owning a Razer Viper 8K is like owning a Ferrari. Driving it around is incredible, but the chances of testing it to its maximum performance are very slim. A maximum speed of 20K DPI is a speed you are sure you will never use. For comparison: The average professional CS:GO player uses a DPI of around 700.

But not all redundant specifications look good on the packaging. Razer’s optical mouse switches are excellent and give you more control over your clicks than a typical gaming mouse. An eightfold increase in voting speed is quite a niche, but could make all the difference for some very elite players. The Speedflex cable has a very low resistance that perfectly matches the lightweight design and gives you the feel of a corded mouse.

The Razorback Viper may be a bit of a boast, but it certainly has some very real merits that you can put to good use.


What I like most about the Viper is its refined design. The combination of the Speedflex cable, the skidless skids and the low weight of 71 g is simply exceptional. Motion resistance is low, so you can click, rotate and flip much more easily than with a standard 100-gram gaming mouse.

While I prefer palm mice, this is not for everyone and if you prefer palm mice, this is not the right mouse for you. However, I recommend trying an ambitious mouse before throwing it away. Logically, they seem much less comfortable, but my experience is that the opposite is true, because your hand is not stuck in a particular grip.


Despite its modest weight, the Viper is quite sturdy and durable. The hardened plastic and Speedflex cable feel comfortable and prove that weight is no proof of quality.

So unless you often throw your mouse at the wall at high speed, the Viper 8K should hold up well.


Razer Synapse is a bit demanding for my taste, and I recommend you disable it at startup because it uses a lot of your computer resources. But when it comes to customization options, few software packages offer as much as Razer Synapse.

You can change almost anything to your liking and even save different profiles and make them available as built-in settings. This is great if you play a lot of games, as you might need a very low DPI for CS:GO, a medium DPI for World of Warcraft, and a very high DPI for your desktop. Razer Synapse makes installation very easy.

Final assessment – still excellent

I didn’t expect the Razer Viper 8K to blow me away, having tested both the old Viper and the Ultimate Viper. Although the new 8K didn’t amaze me, I wasn’t disappointed!

Thankfully, they didn’t change the exceptional design and kept what worked for the old versions of the Viper. If you already own a Razer Viper or an Ultimate Viper, you shouldn’t settle for the extra interrogation speed, no matter how impressive. But if you’re currently looking for a lightweight gaming mouse to take your competitive performance to the next level, the Viper 8K is one of the best options on the market.

frequently asked questions

Is the razor viper worth it?

The Razer Viper is an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse. It’s surprisingly light for a no-honeycomb mouse, and the performance is amazing. However, it would be a good idea to use a bungee cord, as it is not the most flexible and may offer some resistance. Excellent performance; customizable.

Is the razor viper good for CSGO?

The Razer Viper Ultimate is Razer’s latest wireless mouse and is quickly catching the attention of the gaming community, who say it is currently the best gaming mouse on the market. … If money is no object for you, the Razer Viper Ultimate is probably the best mouse to play CSGO with.

Is the Razer Viper Mini good for the SPF?

The Razer Viper Mini is the ultimate FPS gaming mouse. It’s very light and its incredibly low click latency means that even competitive players shouldn’t notice any latency or lag.

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