Warframe3 - [Poll Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?

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I made a post a few days ago asking for your opinion on Riven’s mods. At most I cut out a few dozen answers, but I ended up with 327! For this, I would like to thank everyone who completed the questionnaire. As promised, here are the results of this questionnaire. I’m going to show you some charts and tell you what I think they mean. I don’t have much experience collecting and analyzing data, so chances are I’m missing something or drawing the wrong conclusion.

5RoAkJS - [Questionnaire Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?

J7U8z2K - [Poll Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?


These charts show that the vast majority of responses came from PC players and players who were MR 23 or above. This means that this sample is probably not representative of the community as a whole, as there is no realistic relationship between the categories. Therefore, any conclusions you may draw from these tables should be taken with a grain of salt.

I think the type of people who responded to the questionnaire is relatively biased, since I posted the questionnaire on the forum and the Warframe subreddit, which are mostly used by more experienced and less casual players. There were also many more PC readers, although I don’t know how much of this was due to websites and how much was due to the difference in the actual size of each platform’s reader base. I did not include the option of master’s degrees under 8 because that is the minimum required to use a Riven.

c4yHVOa - [Questionnaire Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?


The number of people who often or always use Rivens is larger than the group of people who almost never or never use Rivens. We can conclude that rivets are quite popular and that people most often use rivets on their weapons.

4UqNCcj - [Questionnaire Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?


Reeves’ pleasure is relatively equal, much more equal than when used. It’s a little strange to me, because it could mean there’s a gap between the number of players using Rivens and the number who like them. I would expect these graphs to be relatively similar.

There is a large group (almost 25%) that does not want to use Rivens at all. In the meantime, there is only one group of 10.5% that does not use Rives. This means that almost 15% of participants said they didn’t like using Riven, but they used it at least occasionally.

MSgrLHt - [Survey Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?


This chart shows that the overall balance is relatively balanced, but slightly weighted downward. The difference is especially striking when comparing the number of people entering 1 or 10. We can also conclude that if people like to use riwens, it does not necessarily mean that they believe riwens have a positive effect on the balance.

xkIhFRV - [Questionnaire Results] What do you think of Riven Mods?


A question asked participants to briefly summarize their opinion of Rives. I’ve collected all these answers into a word cloud to give you a better idea of what’s important. I’ve removed some of the more popular words that mean nothing without context, such as B. Weapons, brand or game. Of course, you have to take into account that the other words are also taken out of context, but they show some concepts and themes that come up often, so you can assume that people think they are important.

(Full list of diagrams)

Here’s what I think of the data. Let me know what you think.

I can do more of this in the future if you’re interested. Comments and other views are of course always welcome! Thanks again to everyone who completed the questionnaire.

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What do you think of Riven Mods?

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