Adoption 29.6.5


Orfix Poison: Adoption 29.6.5

Surgery: Changes and corrections to the Orthix toxin:

  • The residents of Solaris have been isolated in the company building because no granular activity is planned there.
  • Another performance regarding the migration of hosts has been corrected.
  • A bug fixed at the end of a mission where Orfix tried to spawn.
  • Fixed rare cases of resonators not reacting behind closed puzzle doors in tiles.
    • It is unlikely that this will happen again, but if it does, it is important to take a screenshot using the game tool with the F6 key and send the raw file to Superrot; screenshots taken this way have special built-in data that will help us understand why the game has decided to place the resonator where it shouldn’t be. Thank you so much!
  • Solved a problem where the Voidrigs’ hood would end up on your personal Nekrameh during the loan, making your personal Nekrameh invincible.
  • Sets the countdown time for enemies/animals to enter the looting zone (this also happens in normal survival missions).


  • The fall velocity of the Necratine prey has doubled! To compensate for the growth of Necrathene, the reduction of Heciphron Mining has been reduced by 6%.
    • This change is similar to the increase in the decrease of Thaumica booty in the Deimos Arcana to reduce the number of pain points caused by Nekrameh.
  • After logging in to this patch you will receive accounts that either owned Snake Skin Nekrameh and/or Void Dead Skin Day the corresponding Nekrameh headsets. Players who purchase these skins in the future will automatically receive the helmet.
  • Adjustable shooting box to make aiming easier.
  • Terliast’s audible spawning loop won’t play when he’s in the fetus.
  • The custom screen for animal incubators allows you to buy platinum slots when you need them, eliminating the need to leave the market and use them. (i.e. it behaves like you’re trying to get a weapon from the foundry, but there are no slots available).


  • Fixed enemies become permanently under the control of the crowd when they are under the combined effect of the swarm of tentacles and the Helminth injection larva.
  • Fixed and enemy railjack targets do not spawn if the customer player is sitting in the driver’s seat when loading.
  • Probably a loss of functionality when clicking on the chat link to open a product or market page when reloading in the dojo after a railjack mission.
  • Rare coal mine spawning point not available near mining in Corpus ship tile.
  • The corrected Vallis runway is driven to achieve a firing speed of 5x.
  • Another fix for the mission progress screen appears blank during Nekramek.
  • A previously called Nekramek client that exploded when it was called again has been repaired.
  • Fixed muted music in the war with the Films.
  • Correction of the alignment of the Railjack crew’s guns. Penumbra synchronized the player Itzal.
  • Fixed a bug on its return to Railjack which remained on screen in Railjack missions.
  • The solid heart of Deimos Snake Necramech seems to have a double attachment.
  • The chosen energy colour does not apply to Nekramekh floor shutters.
  • Fixed elementary traces and change effects for Bonewidow’s elevated Ironbride.
  • Restores Lobotrissid’s near-invisibility both during swimming and as a diorama for the outfit.
  • Fixed a bug with flogging in scenes with poor positioning.
  • Fixed missing lower body resuscitation during an aerial whip attack.
  • Fixed an error where the skin of the Nekrameh Snake Helmet appeared as a file path in the Nekrameh Arsenal.
  • Correction of the fact that unions that only had universal medals in exchange did NOT place a REDEMPTION if you had nothing to redeem.
  • Pods infected with perennial pathocysts ring in a loop when the pods are created, but no larvae reproduce.
  • Fixed Paris Prime shot occasionally sounds local for remote players.
  • Correction of visual problems with Oscira’s onion skin when equipping Kuva Bramma.
  • The fixed BONUS label remains on the market after the purchase of the specified product.
  • Corrected many script errors related to the installation/removal/use of rail-mounted side towers.
  • Fixed script error in capital letters when typing the chat with the Preferences menu open.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, mark
/u/desmaraisp, this will correct it. This is my github.

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The Orfix Poison Station: Warframe Hotfix 29.6.5.

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