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A few days ago, Noise launched its latest affordable wireless headset, the Noise Shots Neo 2, in the Indian market. These new noise-cancelling earphones offer a compact design, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, low-latency gaming mode and 20 hours of playback time at a very affordable price of just ₹2,299. For the price, it’s hard to ridicule such a product.

However, if you’re wondering if these True Wireless Earbuds are worth buying, here’s my opinion on the Neo 2 sound recordings after using it for a few days.

What’s in Box?

First, let’s see what you’ll find in Neo 2’s box.

  • Earphones with charging case.
  • Small micro-USB cable.
  • Small/large size earbuds with an extra pair of earbuds (medium size is attached to the earbuds).
  • User manual and warranty card.

Quality of design and construction

For a truly wireless headset that costs less than 2,000 rupees, the Neo 2 Noise Shots are well made and have a great design. It has a minimalist design that gives it a kind of premium touch. It comes with a cargo box with a matte top and is made entirely of plastic.

The quality of the plastic construction is decent and no doubt justifies the price. Another advantage here is that the case is quite small and light (40g), which is great, you can easily carry it in your pocket.

There are a few nice references that I prefer. Ironically, the first is that there are no fingerprints visible on this thing. That’s really great, especially in a country like India where summer means holding the headphones with sweaty hands. Note, however, that these surfaces attract scratches easily, so be careful when carrying them in a backpack.

In the case, the earphones are well aligned. The earphones are held firmly in place by magnetic pins inside the case, they will not fall out of the case even if you hold them upside down. There is an LED indicator on each earpiece and an indicator on the charging box that shows the remaining battery and charge status.

Personally, I prefer the black aesthetic. It’s matte, jet black and looks subtle. If you don’t like black, don’t worry, you have three other color options: Blue, red and yellow.

The earphones also have a matte finish on the outside and are made of plastic. This makes the helmet light and weighs only 5g (5g + 5g). It offers decent comfort with adjustable earphones and a lightweight design, but the story doesn’t end there. Yes, it fits perfectly in the ears, but it is uncomfortable for everyone, especially those with small ears. My ears are also small and I don’t find these earphones comfortable, I feel a bit of pain after an hour of prolonged use. Is it really impossible to wear these headphones? No, it isn’t. It’s quite an experience.


The pairing process is exactly the same as with other True Wireless headsets. Just open the charging cradle and the green and red LEDs on the headset should start flashing, meaning the Neo 2 is now ready to pair with your device. Once the connection is established, the flashing LED should go out. You can remove the earphones from the charging box and start using them.

The connection range of this headset is about 10 meters, which is common for most helmets. It can only be connected to one device at a time. This means that when you connect to a new device, the connection to the other device is interrupted. Overall, I found no connectivity or compatibility issues.

Control and interaction

Noise Shots Neo 2 features multifunctional touch controls on each earpiece. This touch control works very well and allows you to do everything, answer incoming calls, control the music, control the voice assistant (Google Voice Assistant and Siri), etc. For more information, please refer to the user manual.


For headphones, the small and powerful Neo 2 has a surprisingly good range. The company claims that the earphones can be used for 5 hours on a single charge at 80% volume. But after two hours of continuous listening at 80% volume, the Neo 2’s charge is down to 75%. So yes, they can easily last 3 hours on one charge. So it’s a little less than the brand claims, but I’m still happy with it because it’s an average delay that you can get with most low-budget wireless headsets.

Note that the 380 mAh battery in the case can charge the headphones about three times, giving a total playback time of about 12 to 15 hours. Honestly, I’m not complaining about the battery life. The only complaint somewhat related to the battery is the lack of a C-type USB port.

Microphone and Game Mode

Both headsets are equipped with a built-in microphone for making phone calls. The built-in microphone works well indoors, but like other headphones, it tends to amplify ambient noise outdoors. So if calling is your top priority, true wireless headsets are not the right choice for you. You can use a collar and regular Bluetooth headphones.

Game mode

Noise True Wireless Earbuds also feature a low latency playback mode that offers 65ms in the SBC codec and 85ms in the AAC codec. Well, I disagree with that statement. I’ve tried many headphones, but so far I haven’t seen any that claim to offer such low latency with the SBC codec.

Sound quality

Let’s move on to sound quality: The Neo 2 offers a pretty good sound quality with a decent amount of bass thanks to the 6mm drivers. The size of the speaker is quite small, but the overall sound quality is still excellent and clear.

The Neo 2 can only transmit audio using the Bluetooth SBC and AAC codecs and does not support the high quality aptX codec, but for this price (2400 rupees) you should not expect high quality codes.

Overall, the sound quality is good, as you would expect for the price; it exceeded my expectations in terms of sound quality. The bass is well built, and on these headphones it works, but I wouldn’t say it’s low-end. And that’s actually a good thing, because the right amount of bass didn’t overwhelm the vocals or the high notes.

So if you’re a bass lover, you might not be impressed with these headphones. The vocals and treble sound good too, I especially found the vocals very clear, even at high volume. On some music, however, the soundstage seems narrow and the headphones struggle to separate the instruments in the middle of the sound.

Remember the price of the Neo 2 Noise Shots and don’t expect high performance from these cheap little pilots. These headphones deliver very good mid, high and low frequencies, but tend to miss frequencies at the extremes of the spectrum. I thought the perch was pretty good for my taste. Overall, the sound quality offered by these economical earphones is decent and no doubt justifies their price.

Noisy shots Neo 2: Is the price worth it?

So you need to take sound pictures of Neo 2? Yes, you can buy it if you can manage the purchase with a price of Rs 2000. I wouldn’t be disappointed. It works well whether it is battery operated or plugged in, and will not disappoint you in its audio performance. The only compromise here is comfort. If you have a small to medium sized ear, you will have to sacrifice a bit on comfort. A

In short, the Noise Shots Neo 2 clearly ranks third or fourth on my list of the best genuine wireless headsets in India for ₹2,500.


Pros and cons


  • Good design and construction
  • Compact and lightweight
  • A powerful battery
  • The sound quality is decent (good for the price of Rs 2000).
  • IPX4 Perspiration resistant.


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Where’s the USB Type C?
  • The company claims a low latency of 65 ms in game mode with the SBC codec (I can’t agree with that).
  • Uncomfortable for all users (especially small ears).

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