Given that Nocturne is considered a fan favorite, plus VGU, and that Nocturne has yet to imagine that he deserves it compared to the other champions on the list, I felt the need to talk about it.

Hi, I’m RuneKatashima, a highly rated main character in ELO Nocturne with over a million skill points and multiple accounts. I’ve been playing with him since season 2, I own all the skins, and I even made a complete (but now outdated) guide! I also wrote a book about all the spelling interactions in the game. Unfortunately, that book was about the change in the ethercalc model, and I can’t access it anymore, if it still exists. But here is the tutorial;

We’ll update it once the new season is in full swing, but I didn’t want to say that I did it with /u/xstrangecloudx without showing that it really exists.

I didn’t vote for Nocturne, nor Shivana, who was my second strongest candidate. Because I feel like Riot can’t handle these characters (maybe not even Skarner). I know they don’t understand Nocturne.
In season 7, when Nocturne won over Hep fans, I asked them to tone it down, because Kelreti had just been modified to turn MS into an adaptive force, and that was more than enough. But they didn’t listen. When I asked him to examine him when he was weak. You weren’t listening. And when things got stronger in the middle, I suggested solutions they wouldn’t listen to. It all ended with 3 or more cycles of repeated nerves or buffers, which in turn ended with additional nerves or buffers because they had no idea what they were doing. They don’t know what a Nocturne player wants, nor their strengths and weaknesses.

When Assassin was redesigned, Nocturne was removed from the list and classified as Diver, then reclassified as Assassin, and the redesign of Divert never took place.

Ironically, the only rioter who ever listened to me about Nocturne was DanielZKlein, who sadly died in a terrible Twitter incident when he called the league’s players crazy.

To understand Nocturne’s problems, you need to start with her symptoms and personality.

What’s the nocturne? What’s the nocturne?

Nocturne is a champion who plays with his strength like a golden juggler and like a diamond center court. It’s been that way for years. We can’t reliably climb the Nocturne. I’ve been saying this since the birth of night owls.

Indeed, the Nocturne is a champion that has a deep pool with a small hole at the bottom that drains constantly, even if you try to fill that pool with more water.

Nocturne is not the champion of the game. He can’t make great plays, and I don’t mean flashy plays. He can’t carry out his will on more than two people at once. And 2 is an extension based on his income level. Malfit will always be beneficial because of his ultra-strong ability, regardless of the state of his path. Ultra Nocturnal won’t always be useful, despite the amount of power people, especially Riot, think he has. He has no right to be as powerful as he is. I’ve played hundreds of games with friends and I can count the number of times they’ve said my best game affected their fights that I didn’t participate in. Overall, I’d say it’s about 2% of the time. I also watch reruns. His own ultra exposes him to a lack of tools to work with once he lands. He can’t incite or stop people from fighting him, and if he is CC’d, he dies in the continuity of most champions. He had to rely on his skills and only W to succeed. The nocturnal must not fail in any of his skills or he dies. But most champions can. And his fate can easily be lifted by things that were not even meant to be lifted. This capacity has deteriorated over the years and has blocked less and less.

Fully armored enclosures were built long ago where the Nocturne could really be a winged missile. I have played this style, but not since the introduction of Lethality. People think it’s the same thing, but it’s not. We can’t even do it with the electric camera anymore.

Nocturne must therefore rely on himself, as he is often alone with his ultra rather than with his opponents, as evidenced by his voice line. Therefore, it would be ideal to wait until one of the teams is involved and use distraction and cooling. Actually, that’s the best strategy. Katarina, the boss, could have told you. But that goes against the best strategies a solo hero can tell you, and it’s all useless in the competitive part of Darkness. Not to mention the fact that Nocturne lets you know he’s not going one way, but three ways. First the obvious voice line and darkening of the screen, then the green Umbra Blade indicator below you, and finally seeing it fly towards you from distance 900, which is the furthest distance in the game.

Nocturne barely survives Gold by not being rewarded for the game. You must learn how to survive, but not how to thrive. You are not rewarded for learning all the stories of your destiny. What you get is double your current passive AS gain and a big chunk of your mana. Because Nocturne has the worst mana to spell cost ratio in the game. That doesn’t mean anything. Most champions get that much AS just by clicking the button, and you could say he gets something as usual, but he sacrifices that in his base stats. Nocturne’s stats are pretty terrible for a melee champion. He’s in the middle of all the game’s champions and proves to be a little more feisty than many assassins when he needs something similar to other divers like Vi, Jarvan and Wukong. With all the risks he takes. Attack speed is a poor reward, especially since it’s only beneficial if you’re already attacking, and it only lasts a short time. Not to mention a very high CD. He then has the guts to allow hits, ignore certain spells, allow some skills to stack and others not (Yuumi, Kennen, Viktor), stop blocking AA modifiers, and more. In what world can I tell someone that Nocturne is a good champion if I have to tell them: Yes, you can block Bard Q, but you’re still numb. We just need to find an XD solution. And it’s not just Bard Q, it’s Anivia Q, it’s Kiyana Ultra. It’s not fun and it’s not intuitive! The lot requires a lot of knowledge about how it works and is hardly profitable. Are there cases where Nocturne is killed without him? Of course, but mostly due to extenuating circumstances, such as. B. easy targets. He has to block projectile spells like they’re moments, because he’s a melee fighter. His performance budget is curiously attributed to that. I could go on and on about this skill, but I’ll stop there.

His Q is counterintuitive because of the playing time. You want to race? There’s a very small number of MS fans here, and we’ll get you back if you push them away. The effect of the MS buff is not noticeable at level 1 unless you reach and touch the maximum range, and follow the track all the way to the end. For a slight increase in distance. The chase spell is also linked to your AD steroid, so it’s not a good idea to shoot this thing at maximum range in the first place. You’ll catch up with them as soon as the track is ready.

The spell is also not intuitive to the player’s natural learning pattern. It’s one of the worst spells in the game. Every melee fighter wants to attack and go with the opponent to keep an eye on him. Get ahead of them even if they can. Nocturne can’t do that because it would lose its Spirit, MS and AD bonus. And he wants to get ahead of people more than anyone because he’s scared (which is a bad tic, and they may not even go back lol). Plus, he’s chained to his rail. He MUST stay if he wants to be champion. While other melee fighters approaching the enemy have freedom of movement, including almost anyone with an MS drive that can go in any direction. You can dive and dodge. Nocturne is not allowed to do that and in my opinion the locksmith has no business except in Trundle, and that is to drive people out of their territory. If you want it, give it to him.

His E is the most balanced skill, except that it exists in a game where no one follows the rules. It deals magic damage with an AP factor for which it cannot be built, and is therefore obsolete as a design concept for reliable damage. If someone is denying their physical damage, it’s because they are in poor health, they should be doing magic %hp damage before. He must make a 2-second CC on the individuals and he must be within reach of the shortest length of the game. Oh, and he has no reliable Dash, just an M.S. throwback to watch out for.

Don’t get the wrong idea and don’t twist it. I’m not saying Nocturne can’t keep up and no one has ever been afraid of his E, of course he can. I’m just referring to the issues that make him uncomfortable to play, which will lead to this split with the new players.

Nocturne is a joke. You won’t see him on the reels unless he’s a champion to beat. He’s a felon on a diving board. He’s here to make others look good, not himself. At best, he’s a Worf.

His passive thought is to survive the jungle. He was highly rated for his problems in the jungle, and now he’s a problem (48% WR at best right now) in the middle. Apparently they eventually got over it. See above where I said they have to go through several cycles to set this .

But it’s still not an inconvenience. It does not match his imaginative or realistic power, and decision making on it is minimal (not absent, just minimal).

I have to give some credit to Riot though, because I once felt that Nocturne could never abuse an object or a rune better than any other champion, and that made him boring. ICTF is still true in a way. But at least they opened my eyes to the fact that it’s not a perfect explanation, when they had Celerity convert the MS bonus to AF that shit was hilarious.

So what is Nocturne’s identity? To be fair, that’s what the players do with it. And so far, his personality is pretty malleable in terms of potential, and that’s what players seem to like. It has a universal item selection, you can use almost any item not included in the AR, and many runes have their place there, even more so if the power of the runes were equal, but this is not the case.

But what do the actors want? Well, a few months ago I asked this question:
, but I can summarize it for you. SPOK. Well, it’s Dandy. But how does he play? Well, from what I’ve been able to learn from this thread and over the years, but also from my personal conversations with people and my personal feelings. We want to persecute people and destroy everything they do. And we like to blow someone up once in a while, put someone in the ground. That’s why I think creating diversity is the third most important thing after maintaining ultra. The second is to be scary. And honestly, I feel like the ghost is part of the player, part of the mechanical tool in the game. The only time I feel any real fear is when Warwick W is pointed at me. I can’t risk it, and I can’t just go looking in the bushes. This capacity is ideal for creating atmosphere. Think about it. The violin is just burlesque, you can’t make a successful horror movie/novel like that.

All in all, Nocturne is a decent, but not unbeatable diver. The problem is that the power curve is not considered a jungle these days. To be a successful juggler, you have to have some ability to throw yourself through walls, and Nocturne is unstoppable in this regard as an extremely long ultrasound. If you look at the modern jungle, they are all shaped like a land ladder. He trades some of that power for the possibility of one-on-one combat, but he’s not very good at it. He must either be able to walk through walls or be very strong, one on one. Right now, and not always, it has neither.

Personally, on top of all that stuff. I’d like it at W. It’s the only thing that gives me a sense of control in this game. The ability to not do something you can’t do. It also gives me some peace of mind when a champion becomes an OP or is released as such. How can I normally say no to their bullshit mechanics. I like her. And for the same reason. You just have to reward him. I can’t imagine Nocturne without her.

I say this because Nocturne’s personality is malleable, it is. It has changed over the years without being reworked. In season 2, he was a support tanker, and while that started to change a bit in season 3, he didn’t really take off until season 4, where he became an assassin with a full AD/armorgang, and sometimes even a beast. He soon realized that he could excel in sound design. After all, it wasn’t exactly a break from his past. And soon, attack speed and punch, in the days of Feral Flare and finally Devourer. So those things never left him. The killer changed when the armor grip changed, but the style remained the same for most players. His Théâtre Nocturne is currently a stylistic choice. Some can’t escape the lethality, and others swear by the speed of the attack. As for me, I tell everyone who comes here: You’re building the game you’re in. And that’s not good for a lot of people who just want to blindly follow the path of construction. But I convinced a few people, and miraculously they stayed true to Nocturne and say the same thing I did.

Finally, a suggestion;

I usually like to keep them to myself because I feel like the suggestions are noble and almost a foolproof way to make sure they aren’t implemented, but I’ve also learned that people don’t value your opinion if you can’t come up with a solution. I’ve spent most of the last four years thinking a lot about reconstruction. Iteration and iteration. I have something that satisfies me, that I find interesting, as always I would say that art never ends.

But I’m not going to publish it. Suffice it to say that I left some clues in this post about the recommended changes (but not what I would have done for a full revision) and about the final section, which remained the same regardless of the changes in size of Ezreal or Zion.
Take all the damage out of his Ultra and transfer that energy elsewhere. The damage is not related to the identity of Nocturne. There is no obvious reason to restore his power by activating this cooling. We should be more interested in ultra.
Let the fog turn black, not transparent. BLACK. Most veterans know where things are, but I find the real and true darkness even more disturbing. Flush the HuD and prevent it from being updated. Old-timers know their CDs, but it helps to give them a little benefit of the doubt. I want to test his mettle. I mean, hide their allies. Now they’re invisible. You can’t point at them or see what they’re doing. If you have a ground effect or skill shot, you can work with that (as with Lux Shield, what is the relevance of that?). You can still see all the enemies. But you can’t see your friends, and they can barely influence you.

You’re on your own.

Thank you for coming to my presentation on darkness.

P.S. I’m ready to go into detail if anyone wants to listen.

TL;DR Nocturnal is not rewarded for the game, skill does not generate ranks. This keeps it in bad shape, which is why people pick it up and drop it. It’s nice for a few games, but he’s a jerk.

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