Hitman 3 is a hard cover-up game where disguise is of the utmost importance. As powerful as Agent 47 is, he must follow a code of conduct to take down his target. In Hitman 3 you will never hunt normal people, all targets or VVIPs move in very protected areas. So the best equipment plays a big role. In this guide, I will help you find the best weapons and gear for Hitman 3. How they work and how you can quickly unlock skill levels by earning experience points.

Best weapon and chassis

The weapons and equipment presented in this guide are unlocked during the mission. So they’re not that hard to find, but if you have them, use them. The amount of XP you get is much higher than when you take out targets with a normal weapon. With high quality weapons, you can acquire skills quickly. It also depends on the difficulty level of your Hitman 3.


1. A bottle of emetic: The poison causes the victim to leave the crowded place and look for a latrine to throw away everything she has eaten. Can be mixed with food or drinks. Here you can kill a target silently.

2. A bottle of anaesthetic poison: As above, can be mixed with food or drink. Target failed after use.

3. A bottle of deadly poison: A stronger poison that can kill your target instantly after ingestion with food or drink. Death by this poison is considered an accident.

4. Emetics of the ICA pen syringe: If you don’t want to be seen mixing poison with food or drink, get this gear. This object looks like a ballpoint pen and allows you to poison drinks without getting caught.

5. Culmer 2: A tranquilizer that can shoot a powerful arrow without making a sound. She’s strong enough to put anyone at ease. It is best to kill a civilian or a guard without injuring them.


1. ICA Mk case. III: Hide the guns or pistols in the briefcase. The best equipment for concealing weapons and walking around unnoticed in crowds.

2. Blocker Mk. III: Easily unlocks all doors, but does not work on electronic doors or doors that require a keypad.

3. The Mk electronic key breaker. III: With this equipment, you can easily crack electronic locks. No keypad or special access key is required to unlock.

  • Level 2 Chongqing Mastery


1. ICA Micro Taser remotely: Remote control device to shock anyone within range. It’s a small device that’s hard to see. A handy trap to make an NPC faint.

2. Custom 5mm DTI : A special weapon that makes no sound. Smaller weapons are hard to find, and cannot be reloaded after use.

3. Krugermeier 2-2 Silver: Specialized weapons in Hitman 3. Better yet, a gun with a silencer that makes no noise when used. Better to distract the enemy.

4. Winner 300 Viper: If you want a long range weapon, go for this sniper rifle. It’s also one of the best in Hitman 3, and it’s perfect for taking out guards from a distance.

As you begin to explore the various missions in Hitman 3, you will come across this equipment and weapons in the game. This is where you need to know which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. You’ll need to find new disguises regularly to move around limited areas. Additionally, in missions like Thornbridge Manor, there are many hidden keys to unlock hidden parts and supplies. All you need to do is research and be vigilant to avoid any fear.

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