You have full control over the privacy of your Facebook account. Just like creating a personal account on Instagram, Facebook doesn’t have an easy to use button to do this. Although this is a great social media platform, there are hundreds of settings and each of them requires your attention, especially when it comes to social media privacy. Some parameters are confusing and others are easy to check. In the future, however, you won’t have much more, but you will be able to manage your account details within seconds.

If you know anything about Facebook, I won’t waste your time. Let me show you a quick setup – Privacy Shortcuts on Facebook. You can go there and follow the on-screen instructions one by one. The Privacy shortcut option is available in the Settings and Privacy menu. Anyway, if you want to follow me, follow me. At the end of this article you make your Facebook account or profile as private as possible. So, let’s get started…

How to make your Facebook profile private or else you can buy Instagram followers from gpc

Facebook’s Privacy Shortcuts are the tool you need to control your privacy and keep your account private. To access the tool go to the menu, press Settings and Privacy and then Privacy Shortcut. Go through each setting one by one to quickly manage them and make your account private. However, there is an easy way to lock your Facebook profile and enable photo protection for your profile photos.

If it’s a simple message, continue managing the Who can send me messages settings. However, you can make changes and go back if you wish. By the way, here’s a guide to the privacy settings for Facebook history. So in this part of the article I will show you how to make your account or Facebook profile as private as possible. Then follow me:

Make your personal profile available in the Aboutsection.

For example, when someone visits your Facebook profile for the first time, they will see what you have shared in public. B. Your over-information. The About You section contains a biography, introduction, hobbies, account overview, profession and education, place of residence, contacts and background information, family and relationships, details about you and life events. The other section contains your phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, etc. However, you can make your Facebook profile information private by following the steps below:

Go to your Facebook profile. Then click on the Edit Profile button. Now click on the Edit personal information button and select each category under About Individual, then click on the globe (public icon) next to each subcategory. Now click on the option Only me for each setting you want to make private.

For example, if I… For example, if I want to make my phone number private, I click Preview under About and then Globe (public icon) next to my phone number. Then I choose the Just Me option and that’s it.

How to make your Facebook profile personal How to make your Facebook profile personal

Hide Facebook Friends list

Facebook makes it easy to hide or close your friends list on the platform. But each of your friends is responsible and the only one who manages the lists of his friends within the deadlines set by him. You can hide your friends list with this method:

Tap the drop-down menu icon in the upper-right corner, tap Settings and Privacy, and then tap Settings. Click on the Privacy tab on the left sidebar and then select the Edit option next to the word Who can see your friends list. Just pick me, and you can go.

Hide Facebook Friends list Hide Facebook Friends list

Make your future contributions private

You are the sole owner and responsible for your messages on Facebook. This allows you to decide who can post your future messages on Facebook. You can also set the Only Me option so that no one can see your future messages. However, the suggested option you might want to install is Friends. Find out here how to make your future Facebook messages private:

Go to Now click on the Privacy tab in the left sidebar. Under your activity, click on the Edit option next to Who can see your future messages. Set up for Friends Only or Me Only, and you’re done. This action will make your future Facebook postings private.

Make your future positions private Make your future positions private

Hide or restrict published messages

You can easily limit the audience of the messages you post or share on your Facebook calendar. Unfortunately, you cannot make your Facebook messages completely private. That way you can reduce the audience for them. This creates an audience for those who only share their messages with friends. Here’s how:

Go to the Facebook settings and then click on the Privacy tab on the left side of the sidebar. Now click on the option Restrict previous messages in the Activity section. Then click on Limit Past Messages. What’s more, you can view each of your shared messages separately and assign a different audience.

Hide or restrict items Hide or restrict items

Do not make your Facebook profile searchable

On Facebook everyone can find you via your email address or phone number. I explained how to hide your phone number in the About section, but what if someone searches for you on Facebook in a different way? Well, there’s a setting you have to manage to prevent others from finding you on Facebook. In short, you cannot make your Facebook profile searchable. This method allows you to stop searching for people based on their email address and phone number:

Go to the settings and click on the Privacy tab on the left. Now in the How to find and contact you section, click on the Edit button next to Who can search for you using your email address and set the Only Me option. Then click on the Edit button next to Who can search for you with your phone number and choose the Only me option.

Do not make your Facebook profile searchable Do not make your Facebook profile searchable

In addition, to not send friendship requests, select Edit, select Who can send you friend requests and set this option to Friend of friends. However, people who know your Facebook username can still find you.

Profile and Tag Privacy Settings

Facebook allows you to manage your profile and highlight your privacy on the platform. In addition, there are three areas where you can make things private in your profile and manage certain tag settings. Settings for viewing and sharing your messages, creating tags, and viewing items before they appear on your profile. Go to Settings and then Privacy and follow the steps below.

View and exchange

You can easily prevent other Facebook users from sharing messages on your profile. Don’t let them see what other people are posting on your Facebook profile and don’t let them share messages like your stories. However, the parameters for each parameter must be set as shown below:

  • Who can publish your profile: Choose the ‘Me only’ option.
  • Who can see the other positions on your profile: Choose the ‘Me only’ option.
  • Disable the ability for other users to share your messages in their Facebook Stories.


Some Facebook friends may tag you in their posts. These messages will then appear in your profile. You can prevent others from seeing messages in your profile that you have marked. You can make these messages private by using this method: Go to Settings, then to the Privacy tab, go to Marker. Set the options as shown below.

  • Who can see the messages marked in your profile? Give it to me.
  • Each time you mark a message, you can indicate who should see it if it is not yet visible: Set this option to Just for me, too.


The best part is that if someone has tagged you in their messages, you can see those messages before they appear on your Facebook profile. You can also see the tags that people add to your posts before that specific tag appears on Facebook. However, make the settings as described below:

  • View the messages you are tagged with before they appear on your timeline or profile: Choose the ‘Me only’ option.
  • Feedback day : Set the option to ON.

Now you’re in complete control. You can easily view everything before it appears in your Timeline or Facebook profile. In addition, the options above are the best you can customize to make your Facebook profile as private as possible.

Tag Privacy profile and settings Tag Privacy profile and settings

Create people, pages, lists you follow privately

Facebook is the best place to make friends. You can follow your friends and family, your pages and your favorite celebrities on Facebook. So you don’t want others to know about the people, sites, etc. you follow. Learn how to customize pages, people and lists:

Go to the settings page of your Facebook account. Click on the Privacy button on the left. In the Your Activity section, click Edit next to Who can see the people, pages, and lists you’re following, choose the Only Me option, and you’re done.

Create the persons, pages, lists you follow privately Create the persons, pages, lists you follow privately

Block annoying Facebook friends

If you want to make your Facebook account private because of some annoying friends. So don’t do it, you can just block them and Facebook will make your account completely private for them. They won’t be able to find you, see what you’re sharing, and so on. However, you can unlock them later if you wish. Learn how to block them here:

Block Dull Facebook Friends Block Dull Facebook Friends

Go to the profile of your friends you want to block. Then click on the button with the three dots under the profile name. Click on the Block option to block that friend, just like you can block some annoying friends on Facebook.

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