True to its roots, Hitman 3 brings Agent 47 back as the world’s most famous assassin in the latest installment of the World of Killing trilogy. To be the best, Agent 47 must use pseudonyms and various disguises for espionage, as well as knowledge of machinery and electronic systems for sabotage. He is best known for his perfect murders, leaving no traces, suppressing evidence and hiding the bodies. There’s even a realization in Hitman 3, the realization of the silent assassin, that goes with it. To do this, the last test must go unnoticed. All you have to do is kill knight Jasper and his body won’t be found. In this guide, we will see how to hide the corpses in Hitman 3.

How do you hide dead bodies in Hitman 3?

Hiding NPC bodies was one of the main mechanics of the Hitman franchise. Hiding your body is essential to maintain your cover until you complete your mission and can leave the area undetected.

That’s how we hide the bodies:

  1. Make sure the coastline is clear
  2. Humiliate or kill an NPC
  3. Remove the body and change your jacket.
  4. Find the perfect place to hide the bodies.

Make sure the track is clear.

The first part of any ideal method for killing or overloading is to make sure your environment is clear. If you’re in an open space, make sure no one is around. If there is another NPC around, you need to have quick reflexes. In hermetically sealed areas, such as. B. in a room, make sure you know who is coming in and when.

Master of Death NPC

Once you are behind an NPC, without being noticed, you will be asked to select (key) subdus/nockout or even break his neck to kill him. You can activate this action by pressing Square/X/Q on PS, Xbox and PC respectively. In PS5, you must hold down the square button. Everything should be done with the above in mind, with no other witnesses in the area.

Slide the body and change the mask

Once your target is disabled or killed, you can change the stealth by pressing or holding the X/A/T key on the PS, Xbox and PC. You can pick up all the weapons and items they drop by holding down the key or pressing the triangle/Y/F in the PS, Xbox and PC versions. Make sure to hide any illegal weapons you are carrying by respecting your disguise. Here we have a guide to hiding illegal items. Once you’ve changed your camouflage, you can drag your body to the perfect hiding place by pressing the circle/B/B in PS, Xbox and PC respectively.

Find the perfect hiding place for bodies in Hitman 3

Once you find your perfect hideout, you can dump your body into it. The best hiding places in Hitman 3 are usually highlighted by the edges and are perfect for hiding bodies. These include baskets, cabinets, refrigerators/freezers, etc. There are many other options once you are immersed in the world of murder and espionage. Also, sometimes you can’t find the perfect place to hide your body. Bodies can be thrown from skyscrapers, cliffs and into pits. But it will kill your NPCs immediately.

If you’re new to the Hitman franchise, you might need a little training to develop your reflexes to do all these things very quickly. So check out Hitman 3 Rookie Tips for more help. Even if you’re a veteran of the entire series, you can play Hitman 1 or Hitman 2 again. This will allow you to hone your skills and prepare for Hitman 3 once IO Interactive’s server and port issues are resolved.

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