If the basic concept of this multiplayer game bores you, why not add a touch of fantasy to make it interesting? The mod Among Us Prop Hunt will do it for you. In this mode you can trade among us players for accessories of the selected map. The teammates and cheaters will be largely hidden, as you’ll only see playable sprites and no actual astronauts. Each player is given one of the props, such as. B. a closed circuit television system, an emergency call button, a laptop computer, and even a ventilation hose. So, if you want to try it, read this Prop Hunt Mod installation guide below.

How to install the Prop Hunt Mod among us

How to hunt, harvest, change by month

First of all, make sure every player in the group or lobby has this mod, because only then it will work without problems. Also, this is an unofficial mod from Spect0rr and not the original developers, which can affect the game files in unexpected ways. So make sure you have a backup copy of the game files, just in case.

Here you can learn how to download and install Prop Hunt Mod (step-by-step instructions):

  • First, you need to download the asset packet extractor from the 32 or 64-bit unit. You can get it from Gitube.
  • Then download the Prop Hunt Mod Pack from its creator Spect0rr.
  • Start the extractor you downloaded earlier.
  • Then File > Local Packet File > [Mod Packet Name].emip.
  • Mark everything.
  • Steam open.
  • In the library, right click below us.
  • Select Browse Local Files > Under Us_Data.
  • Copy and paste the folder path into the base folder area in the Unified Asset Pack extractor.
  • Now click on OK.
  • Select File > Save > Resave.
  • Finally, move the saved file to the Among Us_Data folder. Replace an existing file.

Here is a video tutorial from Spect0rr that will make your life easier:

Here’s how to install the Prop Hunt In Among Us mod, which turns players into accessories that exist on the map.

Since this does not prevent usernames from appearing above the asset, you can use the Mod No Nickname tag, which is also Spect0rr.

How to play the accessory hunt

Here are the rules of the Among Us Prop Hunt style game:

  • The basic concept remains the same: crew members must perform their duties, and cheaters must kill each crew member before they can perform their duties.
  • There will be no encounters in Prop Hunt’s custom game mode.
  • No one can report the bodies.
  • Players can choose their own accessories.
  • The goal is to use props to find good cover (for teammates) and to kill camouflaged teammates (for cheaters).
  • The difficulty is that teammates have to move around to complete tasks, which is an opportunity for the cheater to kill them. But if they make the most suitable shelters, the trickster can easily make a mistake.
  • Other details can be determined by the players playing together. Overall, it’s pretty similar to the Hide and Seek version between us, so you can use those settings.

Once this is all cleared up, here’s how to play the Among Us Sheriff mod, which adds the role of vigilante to the game. And here’s more information on the zombie mode.

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