The email app, which is becoming increasingly popular, is the buzzword, especially after the controversial WhatsApp privacy policy update. This is an open source project by Brian Acton, a former Facebook employee. If you are new to the Signal application or planning to change positions, this guide is for you. Learn how to back up alarm messages and restore signal backups.

To save alarm messages

Backup is an important feature of WhatsApp. And if you’re upgrading to a new application, you probably need this feature. Fortunately, Signal has a backup feature that is also encrypted, unlike WhatsApp. But the recovery process is also different.

WhatsApp is starting to announce a new privacy policy that must be adopted if users want to use WhatsApp. And that’s why users prefer Signal over WhatsApp. The signal has received many users over the past week. We will divide the tutorial into two steps, one for backing up to the signal and one for restoring backups to the signal.

To record alarm messages

If you’re using Signal or another messaging application, you don’t want to lose the conversation. But what if, for example, you want to reinstall Signal for some reason? For example, when switching to a new phone, etc. In this case, you can save and restore the alarm messages to other devices. This guide also allows you to save alerts on your iPhone.

Since the backup of the Signal application is encrypted, the whole process will be a bit complicated. You can follow these instructions to easily retrieve your alarm messages at any time. Let’s start with a full backup of the alarms.

Step one: Open the Signal app on your phone and open the application settings.

Step two: Now go to the Chat and Media section with several options.

To save alarm messages

Step three: In the Chat and Media section you will find the Backup option, open it.

How to get fuses for alarms

Step four: Now click the power button and select the folder where you want to save the backups. For your convenience, create a new folder called Signal.

To save alarm messages

Step Five: After selecting the file, you will receive a passphrase of 30 digits. Don’t forget to save it or take a screenshot.

Step six: Make sure you write down the passphrase and then click Enable Backup.

Step seven: Now click the Create Backup button and a backup file will be created in the selected folder. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the backup and the passphrase on your PC.

How to get fuses for alarms

That’s it, now you can simply click the Backup button if you want to save your alerts. There is no option for periodic backups, so you must do manual backups at least once a week. You now have the backup file and can restore it to the new device. Follow the instructions below to restore the alarm messages.

Recovery of messages to signal

Step one: Copy the backup file to the phone memory.

Step two: Install and open the Signal application on your device.

Step three: Now click Restore Backup on the first page of the application configuration.

To retrieve messages from a signal

Step four: Allow certain necessary permissions and then click Select Backup.

To retrieve messages from a signal

Step Five: Search for and select the backup alarm message file.

To retrieve messages from a signal

Step six: Now click Restore Backup and enter the passphrase you entered when you created the backup.

To retrieve messages from a signal

Step seven: It restores the backup and asks you to select a folder if you want to backup. Select the folder where you want to save the backup, or you can ignore it.

Step 8 : Now enter your phone number and log in with OTP.

Step 9 : That’s all I’m saying. Once logged in, you can view your old chat sessions. You must reactivate the backup if you did not select a folder in step 7.

You can follow the same procedure if you want to make a backup. And don’t forget to write down your passphrase, because you’ll have to enter it when you get it back. It’s a little more complicated than WhatsApp, but more secure. Automatic update options may be offered in future signal updates. In the meantime, however, you must record the alarm messages manually.

Here is a guide to backing up Signal Messages and restoring Signal Messages. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section.

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