If the Silence of the Mononymous isn’t enough to convince you to kill this Hitman 3 target in Chongqing, maybe his hobbies violating human rights will. This cyberterrorist is under the spell of the CIA, and while developing something that is essentially mind control, he uses homeless people as test subjects. Thanks to the history of the Impulse Control mission, you as Agent 47 can end this operation poetically.

InitiativeTowards future progress

Walking through the streets of Chongqing City, you will find a few homeless people around a bonfire outside an electronics market. They discuss the possibility of participating in paid experiences – most of them seem skeptical, but one person is eager to participate. Once he’s away from the large group, he’s probably the easiest to get away from; use his clothes as a disguise, and you can enter the abandoned apartment building where Hush’s so-called Future Progress initiative is taking place.

On the card you will find three flyers with the Cube logo, so look for them to take advantage of the opportunity. Go to the northwest corner of the building where you found all the homeless, and don’t miss the blue sign with the logo.


From there, one of the street guards will take you upstairs for some sort of interview to make you a test subject. Nurse Lei will eventually tell you that they have found all the test subjects they need for the Silence, and you will hear that they have the perfect test subject. She’ll let you go, and a guard will escort you to the entrance, but you’ll want Hitman to go to the compound for you.

It won’t be easy in such a small space, but at least the layout of the building is simple enough. There are different levels of security you have to go through – the Street Guard jacket is only really good for the first two floors, but to get to the third or fifth floor you have to wear the Block Guard jacket, which has full medical protection.

Hush continues to move up and down levels 4 and 5, the former of which features a gripping image of human subjects experimenting in pods. When you finally reach level 5, go through the window on the right side of the stairs. Walk a little along the edge and you’ll see an open window overlooking the bathroom.

The supposedly ideal subject is in the bathroom, visibly nervous about the procedure, encouraging herself. He will be wearing a lab coat with a giant A. You can ease his fear by knocking him unconscious and putting him in a locker in the bathroom. Get dressed like him and come out of the bathroom.

This is the testing area for Hush, and you will see two ominous chairs with blue light above them. During the test, students sit in one of these chairs in front of the subject and try to control their thoughts and actions with the neuromancy they have. Turn to the lab assistant, Junelee, who is sitting behind the computer and tell her you are ready to start the testing process.

Technically, it’s the end of the mission’s story, and you should have a sense of how to end it. Basically, Hush and Sister Ley want to push the test to the limit and risk their safety in the process. As Agent 47, you can easily defend yourself against hashish during the test.

But Zhongli’s assistant will urge him to stop. Once everyone has recovered their behavior and cycles, find a way to isolate Junelee and put her behind bars without the guards noticing. When Hush then returns to the fifth floor, he and Sister Lei plan to continue without their assistant. Keep going and it will soon be over.

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