Task Management simulators are very popular, with the Agriculture subgenre spearheading games like Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons and Valley of the Stars. As a player, you navigate complex plots and repetitive tasks throughout the game with a sense of calm and accomplishment. The developers at Lazy Bear Games and the publisher tinyBuild have taken many clues and suggestions from these farms and instead…. let’s make a cemetery. But there’s more life here than you think!

On his way home to visit his lover, the hero of the game gets stuck in the middle of a cemetery. Within minutes, the player encounters a floating skull named Jerry, who talks and appears to be an alcoholic with memory problems. Welcome to the graveyard game!

Gerry offers a few introductory searches and simple instructions, while making it clear that you are officially the new Cemetery Keeper in the area. It doesn’t take an hour to get to know the many other villagers and townspeople who are equally dark, eccentric, paranormal and absurd. From the inquisitor who burns witches to the donkey who talks and delivers corpses, the game is full of colorful and lively people.

Well, a cemetery worker in an undisclosed location was certainly not part of your plans for life… or death…. or anywhere else, so your main goal becomes simply to find your beloved and the love of your life by any means necessary. This is a much bigger challenge than you think, but it could be met if you help the right people and do the right things in your time as a caregiver. This is the beginning of the game for you.

Cemetery Keeper follows a very familiar path, as in Stardew Valley for those familiar with the game, but it takes the complexity and mechanics a few steps further, creating a large number of systems with heavy editing and control of the various in-game items to track and operate. My first hour with the game was actually quite overwhelming and a bit confusing, as there are many addictive mechanisms to explore from the start to understand and learn how the search/history system works. Of course it’s not the easiest game for me, but after some experimentation I started to get pretty good with some of the gadgets in the game.

As a cemetery manager, you have several main responsibilities. When new dead are brought to you, you will probably want to do an autopsy and perhaps collect some items during your stay, as the locals have certain needs, and then you will need to excavate the site, bury the body, and decorate with headstones if necessary. Maintaining a good cemetery takes a lot of work and is anything but a small task. Not only do you have to make sure you don’t bury the wrong people, but yard maintenance takes a lot of time and resources.

This is where the complex system of creation comes into play. You really have to do whatever it takes to save the cemetery, but also to open up closed areas, build new structures, and respond to residents’ wishes. That doesn’t mean you just go out, gather resources and then build what you want on the workbench. Instead, you’ll find a sprawling unlock tree in the menu where even the simplest things, like nails and boards, require you to do a few things first to get those things. To unlock objects from the skill tree, you must first collect enough game currency symbols 3. They take the form of red, green and blue badges that can be used to purchase said coveted objects, such as an anvil. These currencies are acquired when you perform daily tasks, such as. B. clearing dead trees, breaking rocks, cutting down objects, etc. However, the standard fatigue mechanic requires you to rest as soon as you run out of energy before you can perform longer tasks.

Solving this crafting system will take up a large portion of your daily time as you search the map for the basic resources you need, while performing enough crafting and other tasks to reach the correct currency thresholds to unlock new items. You repeat this quite often, especially in the beginning of the game, to get the necessary material. So you’ll see your little farm with adjoining cemetery begin to grow with workbenches, anvils, lumber yards, stoves, and more as you build your lot.

However, the creation process is far from the only system involved in Graveyard Keeper’s complex interdependence, as the game’s development and storylines are also closely intertwined. It took me no more than 30 minutes to start the game with a few consistent quests. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, but these quests are often difficult and the way to complete them remains a bit of a mystery. While the NPC menu, which serves as a help menu for very high-level quests, offers a few nuggets of information, it’s usually far from giving a complete picture of what you’ll be doing for a particular villager. Usually it just says something half-worded, like Get an XYZ object, with very little guidance on how and where to do it.

There is a map you can consult, but it only serves as a true traditional map that shows, in sketch form, where most of the major sites in your area are located. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include people tracking, target markers or other types of tracking. The developers wanted you to explore, experiment and – for me – rush aimlessly to see if I could solve a particular NPC quest at a particular point. Compared to other games, I felt like the biggest loser in this one.

As the days go by, all these complexities will continue to increase, but you will understand some of them better. There is a certain appeal to discovering a new technology and then seeing how it can impact your home. New areas, shortcuts, activities and even some traditional farms can only be unlocked after enough time has been invested in the game, and I understand that not everything is immediately available or it would definitely be too difficult to play. When you start drowning within hours of these simulation and task management games disappearing, you won’t have time to exclaim One More Thing. Getting lost in the world of Graveyard Keeper is more than easy.

Cemetery Managers Overview
  • Charts – 7/10
  • Sound – 6.5/10
  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Late Complaint – 7.5/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

Cemetery Keeper is a dark and twisted comedy companion to games like Stardew Valley. It has many similarities, but is particularly interested in craftsmanship, exploration and interweaving of themes. However, for the casual player, this game can seem a bit overwhelming, a bit confusing and definitely challenging. Maintaining a cemetery is much more fun than you might expect from a Cemetery Keeper game, and the Nintendo online store is very reasonable in offering this game at a $20 discount.

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