Who doesn’t love Studio Ghibli?

Based in Koganei, Tokyo, this Japanese animation studio has produced some of the most impressive animated films of all time – and their stories are known all over the world.

Much of this success is due to co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, who has written and directed many of the studio’s films, including My Neighbour Totoro, Spiritual Retreat and Howl’s Castle in Motion.

Si (comme moi) vous ne vous lassez pas de leurs superbes animations et de leurs personnages emblématiques, vous allez adorer le CC Studio Ghibli que j’ai compilé ici.

Il y a des vêtements, des bijoux, de la décoration intérieure et quelques surprises – tout cela à quelques clics de distance.

15. Studio GhibliKit de tatouage

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Les personnages du Studio Ghibli sont parmi les paris les plus sûrs pour un tatouage : ils sont intemporels, tout le monde les aime et leurs motifs sont tout simplement trop cool pour s’ennuyer.

Cet ensemble de tatouages Ghibli, créé par le créateur de TheCellabration, comprend un minuscule Totoro – le plus petit du film – et le meilleur angle sans visage. Vous pouvez également les combiner si vous n’avez pas peur d’en faire trop.

Honnêtement, je pourrais aller en acheter un dans la vraie vie. Le petit toro est trop mignon !

14. Collants Totoro

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My Neighbor Totoro du Studio Ghibli est l’un des films pour enfants les plus populaires du studio japonais.

Et le grand esprit de la forêt ronde est devenu un symbole de l’animation japonaise, tout comme le Studio Ghibli lui-même.

With these Totoro CC tights from Sondescent, your young girls and adult Sims can show their love for the furry creature in an elegant and tasteful way. They are perfect for the fashionable girl with a penchant for Ghibli films.

Anyone can have cat knees, but only your Sims wear those elegant Totoro tights.

13. Little Ghibli T-Shirts for kids

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Children love the Ghibli films.

They are a pleasant change from the uninterrupted stream of animated westerns in computer-generated images, and can open your eyes to a magical world far beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

If your little Sim loves any of Miyazaki’s stories, you can tell the world by wearing these t-shirts from this collection by TitusLinde.

There’s one with the Kodama ghosts of Princess Mononoke, one with Totoro, one with Kiki the black cat, and even one with No-Face, although this character can be a little scary for kids….

12. Aburaya Bat House

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Managed by Yubaba as part of the Spiritual Movement, the public baths are as impressive as they are intimidating, thanks to their imposing size, beautiful architecture and brilliant colors.

This version of Ineliz retains the exact look – including the irregularly placed windows on the sides of the building – but plays with the interior to make a useful addition to your TS4 neighborhood.

There are workout machines, seating areas, and many small pools for your favorite Sims to swim in after an intense workout.

Take a day off, move your body and cleanse yourself of bad energies in the Aburaya.

11. GhibliStudio T-Shirt Set

Consult this CC

The creator of Grillbee offers us a set of different t-shirts with simple designs representing some of Ghibli’s most famous characters.

With this CC set, your Sims can show their affinity for Ponyo, Kiki the cat, vole, Calcifer the fire spirit, and of course, the super-famous Totoro.

There’s also Catbus and even the Studio Ghibli logo, which is technically still Totoro.

This could be a fantastic and versatile everyday outfit for an anime fan simulation, or a set of pajamas when they are too busy to offer killer looks during the day.

10. Mental legs at exit

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In the world of TS4 CC, printed T-shirts cost a dime – but themed leggings you rarely see.

Designer Elphine wants to expand our horizons with these beautiful Spirited Away leggings – reminiscent of all the promotional material and images from the film.

Some show landscapes, others the cute face of Chihiro – and my favorite – a simple purple leggings with a cheerful faceless mask on one side.

What I like most about them is that they look like someone you can see and wear in real life.

9. Flower Hat Shop

Consult this CC

Sophie Hutter’s flower shop is one of the most beautiful places in Howl’s Moving Castle, with flowers from Howl’s Secret Garden.

And now you can get it in your Sims 4 game thanks to creator Ineliz.

If you look at the photos side by side, you’ll see that it’s not an exact reproduction – but it’s close enough, and it’s good either way.

Inside, it is fully furnished in a colorful yet comfortable style – and includes all the modern appliances your sim might need, including a kitchenette and a small TV for relaxing in the living room.

You’ll find mostly greens and browns, while other colors and accents have beautiful tones.

8. Wallpaper Totoro

Consult this CC

The films of Studio Ghibli can be described as children’s films. But the truth is that all ages have a different experience with television.

Such is the case with My Neighbour Totoro, a film about the delicate balance between human progress and nature.

As you get older, you start to understand the context. And your love for this beloved mascot from your childhood should grow with you.

Sashas93’s Totoro wall decorations could be a fantastic and tasteful way for an old sim to show her love for Totoro.

The CC set includes three models that represent different facets of the spirit of the forest, and they will look great wherever you put them.

7. Totoro Baby Overalls

Consult this CC

There’s nothing wrong with loving your neighbor Totoro as an adult. But the truth is, it was meant for children – so your little Sim must have had a way to express her love for the great spirit of the forest, too.

These adorable Totoro suits from the creator of Koala Sims might be the cutest SS’s I’ve ever seen.

With this, your little Sims will carry the spirit of the forest on their heads wherever they go.

I want one! Adult size, please.

In this set, you’ll find them for both genders, with eight different colors for the body fitting under the suit.

6. Studio Ghibli Movie Poster

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I can still remember the fascination I felt when I first saw the Spirited Away billboard in the cinema as a child – and these Ghibli movie posters by iCedxLemonAde certainly take me back in time.

This set includes nine incredible posters featuring characters and iconic figures from each film.

They have No-Face’s mask, Kiki’s black cat, Porco Rosso’s distinctive snout – and so on.

He even has one for Nausicaä, which for some reason is criminally ignored by most SS makers.

These are surprisingly delicious toppings that will cause a sensation in any movie house.

5. Ghibli Painting Compilation

Consult this CC

If you prefer a little more detail – something you can lose yourself in – this compilation of Ghibli’s paintings by TitusLinde might be more for you.

It contains two large paintings with beautiful forest landscapes where Totoro feels at home.

The rich colors and detailed lighting make it remarkably realistic – even with the big, round creature standing in the middle of the action.

It also includes two small wall decorations in a simpler and more chic style for her.

4. Screaming Flying Castle

Consult this CC

This is another fantastic loophole built by Inelise.

This edit of the title slot is in the air version.

It’s a miniature replica, and Inelise didn’t care about the precision of the smallest details. Instead, they took a lot of creative liberty to make something that would look good in TS4 and be useful for any household looking to move to a floating structure.

It’s incredibly colorful, and the plants growing on the walls and around the house are the most beautiful I’ve seen on a TS4 estate.

Remember, it’s not really moving.

3. Ghibli Wall Kit Art

Consult this CC

If you have a Sim who takes her love of Ghibli seriously and immediately starts talking about the cultural influence of Miyazaki’s films, give her this collection of Ghibli prints from creator TitusLinde.

These elegant artworks feature interesting illustrations inspired by Kiki’s delivery service, Princess Mononoke and Spiritual Flight.

It’s like framing childhood memories and hanging them on the wall.

Hang them in the office, living room, home theater, or even above your Sim’s bed – they might even dream about their favorite characters!

2. Ghibli Clouds

Consult this CC

Check out this unique addition to the Sims game that is sure to impact your experience: these Ghibli clouds by CC Miiko.

We love the art of Studio Ghibli.

The sets of his films are breathtaking. And the way they paint the clouds certainly has a lot to do with it.

Thanks to Miiko, we can enjoy the same beautiful water vapor formations in our TS4 sky.

They don’t move much, but they’re a godsend for taking great screenshots – especially with all the Ghibli material we’ve covered so far.

1. Studio Ghibli Film Mod

Choose this mode

What could be better than the kindness of Studio Ghibli in a TS4 game than literally playing Hayao Miyazaki’s films in a game show?

Yes, it is legally possible.

Well, for two-minute clips anyway. It’s the packaging limits’ fault!

In any case, it is clear that we are living in the future.

This mod contains a total of 10 films from Ghibli Studio for your Sims, including My Neighbor Totoro, Moving Castle Haula, Laputa, Secret World of Art, and Kiki Delivery Service.

Testing the installation may take some time, but once it works, I doubt you will ever return to normal sim TV channels.

frequently asked questions

Are spiritual care and crying related to confinement?

The films Agitated Care and Moving Castle have a lot in common. Both films were made by the same person, both are Japanese, both are animated. At the beginning of the spiritual path, Chihiro’s parents are turned into pigs by their greed. … Chihiro, the main character, has an assistant, Haku.

Is there a connection between Studio Ghibli films?

2 All of Studio Ghibli’s films are connected, they certainly can be. Like Pixar, Ghibli hides a lot of Easter Eggs in all its films, whether it’s a simple innuendo or a reference to another film. Fans believe that these Easter eggs, once reunited, form a larger story, one of many stories in Ghibli’s universe.

In what order should I watch Studio Ghibli films?

Best order to watch Studio Ghibli movies on HBO Max …

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