Development issue/problem:

I create a Flutter application with a login screen. When I point at the text box(s), the screen will flood over and I won’t be able to scroll. I tried to use ListView.builder, but it only gives a RenderBox error, and the normal ListView doesn’t work.

The structure of the widget is as follows

– Bodywork
– Container
– Column
– Form
– Column
– Text entry
– Text entry
– Container
– Container
– Line
– Button

Thank you in advance! !!

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Try this code: Using ListView

The Home class expands the StatelessWidget {@overrideWidget build(BuildContext context) {// TODO : Implementing the StatelessWidget build scaffolding (body : Centre(Child : ListView(shrinkWrap: true, padding: EdgeInsets.all(15.0), kids: Centre(Child : Map(rise : 8.0,child : container(padding : EdgeInsets.all(10.0), child : column(children : [TextField(decoration : InputDecoration(prefixIcon : Icons.person),labelTexte : Username or E-mail,),SizeBox(height : 15.0,),TextField(decoration : InputDecoration(prefixIcon : Icon(Icons.lock),labelText : Password,),),SizeBox(height : 15.0,),Material(borderRadius : BorderRadius.circular(30.0),//height : 5.0,child: MaterialButton(onPressed: () => {},minWidth: 150.0,height: 50.0,color: Color(0xFF179CDF),child: Text(LOGIN, style: TextStyle(fontSize: 16.0,color: Colors.white,),),),SizeBox(height : 25.0,),Row(children : [Extended(child : Text(has no account ?))),Text(Sign up,style : TextStyle(color :,)),),lower navigation bar: Upholstery (padding : EdgeInsets.all(10.0),kid: Row (mainAxisAlignment : MainAxisAlignment.centre,kids: Extended(&t@@;child: RaisedButton(&t@@;padding: EdgeInsets.all(15.0),onPressed: () {},color: Colors.white,shape: Rectangle with rounded edges(borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(32.0,), side: border(color: color(0xFF179CDF)))), child: text(SKIP SIGN UP FOR NOW, style: textstyle(font size: 18.0, color: color(0xFF179CDF)), })

Solution 2:

The ListView solution should work, but it is currently suffering from the crash mentioned here. Another way to achieve the same without this crash is to use the SingleChildScrollView :

Gives a new Container(child : new SingleChildScrollView(child : new Column(child) :_showChild1(),_showChild2(),…_showChildN()]))))

Solution 3:

There are two simple ways to do this.

  1. Combine your column into a single children’s overview.

Child : Column( Children
Text (First),

Text (Last),

  1. Use ListView instead of Column.

ListView( children
Text (First),

Text (Last,

This approach is easy to use, but you will lose features like CrossAxisAlignment and other benefits the column offers. In this case, you can wrap your child in the alignment feature and set the alignment.

Now you can let children nest that can scroll later, in this case you have to provide a fixed height for your children, you can use the SizeBox to do this, that’s all.

For example:

ListView( children
: [
Text (‘First’),
height : 100,
child : ListView(…), // nested ScrollView
Text (‘Last’),

Solution 4:

If you use the SingleChildScrollView function with columns, your screen can scroll and you can create your layout as described above.

That’s how you do it.

The MyHome class extends the StatelessWidget {@overrideWidget build(BuildContext context) {// TODO: implement Scaffold(backgroundColor : Colors.White,body: SafeArea(soil: fake, child : Container (lining : EdgeInsets.only (left: 15, right: 15),height: double.infinity,width: double.infinity,child function: SingleChildScrollView(padding : EdgeInsets.only (below: 15),Child : Column (main axis) MainAxisAlignment.end, crossAxisAlignment : CrossAxisAlignment.centre, children: SizeBox (height: 200,0,),Map (height: 8,0,child : Container (refill : EdgeInsets.all(10.0),Child : Column : TextField(decoration: InputDecoration(prefixIcon: Icon(Icons.person),labelTexte: Username or E-mail,),SizeBox(height: 15.0,),TextField(decoration: InputDecoration(prefixIcon: Icon.lock),LabelText: Password,),),SizeBox(height: 30.0,),MaterialButton(height: 50.0,),height: 5,minWidth: 300,onPressed: () {},shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(borderRadius: new BorderRadius.circular(30.)0),),color : Theme.from(context).primaryColor,disabledColor : Theme.from(context).primaryColor.withOpacity(0.50),disabledElevation : 0,child : Text(‘SIGN IN’,textAlign.centre, style : TextStyle(color : Colors).),],],),SizeBox(height : 25.0,),Row(children : [Extended(child : Text(You don’t have an account yet ?))),Text(Sign up,style : TextStyle(color :,),],],),SizeBox(height : 50.0,),Align(alignment : Alignment. LowCenter, kid: Row (mainAxisAlignment : MainAxisAlignment.centre,kids: It@;Text(it@;NewApplication,it@;style:TextStyle(color: Colors.black87),),SizeBox(width: 5,),GestureDetector(onTap : () {\an5},child: Text(REGISTRATION, style: TextStyle(color:,), } }.

Give here a description of the image

Solution No 5:

Wrap the column in a SingleChildScrollView and then wrap the SingleChildScrollView in a central widget to center the widgets in the column.

Centre (
Child : SingleChildScrollView (child : Column (children : [Text (‘First’),//… other childrenText (‘Last’),],),),)

Solution No 6:

We can use the advanced widget. This adds scrolling.

return new Extended(child : new SingleChildScrollView(child : new Column(children) :_showChild1(),_showChild2(),…_showChildN()]))))

Good luck!

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