Without a doubt, Chrome is reliable, modern and one of the most advanced browsers. Meanwhile, the chrome is not without its flaws. Users often report problems and bugs with Chrome. Err_cache_miss is also one of the bugs that users have encountered in Chrome that we will be fixing today.

If this error occurs in your browser, you should go to the end of this guide to resolve this issue.

ERR_CACHE_MISS from the name we can deduce that this problem is related to caching and cookies in the browser. This error can be caused by expansion errors, cache errors and cookies. This error or problem actually belongs to a specific website or web application. If you are a developer, this error may occur when testing your own buggy or incomplete code.

Error causes ERR_CACHE_MISS:

Let’s summarize the most common reasons that cause this problem in your browser. That’s it:

  • Cache and cookie problem
  • Broken extension cords.
  • Executing faulty code (if you are a developer)
  • Problems with incorrect pages

Resolve ERR_MISS_HOLDER error

As in our previous articles, we will mention several ways to solve the problem. Follow the solution step by step and at the end of this article your error will be corrected.

Pay attention: This article is intended for Windows 10 users. If you are using other versions of Windows, the steps are similar. Just follow him.

Reload the web page.

If you get err_cache_miss, it may be due to connection and network problems. It may therefore be useful to reload the web page. Even if the problem is related to cache or cookies, in most cases cache and cookie problems can be solved by reloading the appropriate web page where the problem occurs. Try reloading the web page. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. We have several options to solve this problem.

You can reload the web page by clicking on the Reload button at the top left of the browser. You can also restart by pressing F5 or CTRL + R if your computer does not have an F5 key.

ERR_CACHE_MISS Error correction – Chrome

Restart browser

Browsers are software or programs designed to display web pages and websites on the Internet. The browser takes care of downloading all data and information on a daily basis. In addition to this data and information, they can sometimes contain corrupted caches and cookies. That’s how these problems arise.

Restarting the browser will allow the cache and broken cookies to be refreshed. Please try to restart your browser first.

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Refresh Browser

Many problems occur when using outdated and old versions of browsers. If you encounter an ERR_CACHE_MISS error, it would be wise to update your current browser.

If you want to upgrade your browser to a newer version. Then go to the Settings tab and about Chrome.

Make sure your browser is up to date. If not, make sure you are using the latest available version.

Error ERR_CACHE_MISS – Chrome Tuning

Delete cookies and browser data

Websites require cookies and caches to retrieve user information and improve the user experience on the website. Cookies allow us to track the different characteristics of users on the website, while caching makes the page load faster for users. Cookies and caches are stored in our browser or on our own local computer. Sharing of cookies and cache or mismanagement of cookies and cache may result in the disclosure of certain confidential user information.

Here are the steps to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. Follow the steps below to do this correctly.

  1. Open your browser (in this case Chrome, because this error usually occurs in Chrome). After opening the browser, click on the menu.Error correction ERR_CACHE_MISS – Chrome adjustment menu


  1. After clicking the Menu button (3 dots in the upper right corner), click Configuration in the menu.Error Correction ERR_CACHE_MISS – Chroma Configuration.
  2. After clicking on the Settings option in the menu bar. The Chrome browser opens the Chrome default settings page, which is chrome://settings.Error ERR_CACHE_MISS – Chrome settings.
  3. When you get to Chrome’s settings page, click on the Privacy and Security option on the left side of the settings page. You are then in the Privacy and Security section of the Settings page.Error recovery ERR_CACHE_MISS – Clear history.
  4. If you go to the Privacy and Security section of the Chrome Settings page, click on the Clear Browsing Data option found there. Here begins the main action of processing and deleting cookies and caches. Follow me to get it right.Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS error – Clear history.
  5. The pop-up window opens in Chrome when you click the Clear Browsing Data option in the Privacy and Security section of the Settings page. To properly clear your browser’s cache and cookies, you must enable and disable various options in the pop-up window. I hope you’ve done everything right so far. Let’s go to the next steps. Click on the Advanced tab in the tooltip. Then select Alltime from the Time Interval drop-down list. Disable the first two default options (Browsing History, Download History). Make sure the third and fourth option (Cookies and Cache mentioned in the option) are selected. Finally, click the Clear Data button.Corrects the ERR_MISS_HOME error – clear history.

Deleting the cache and cookies has proven to be one of the most effective ways to correct the err_cache_miss error. This method worked for almost 70% of the people who experienced this error. I hope this has helped you and that your problem has been solved.

If this method does not solve your problem, perform another procedure to solve the problem.

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Remove unused extensions

Chrome extensions are special navigation tools that make your browsing experience easier. The extensions are different in style and have their own speciality. Most extensions are useful, while some can be harmful and dangerous for your browser if they are installed from unknown sources and you don’t know how to use them properly.

ERR_CACHE_MISS can also occur as a result of cross-site cookies or javascript blocking by some adblocker extensions. Therefore, it is a good idea to whitelist the site in the appropriate ad blocker. And remove some unused extensions whose tasks are suspicious when an error occurs on a web page. In fact, it is not recommended to install unreliable or unnecessary extensions. Even if this is the problem, getting rid of unnecessary extensions is a good thing.

Here you will find ways to remove unused and broken extensions from the corresponding browser (in this case Chrome). You need to browse it correctly to remove the extension.

  1. Click on the menu option in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. And pick a frame. The Settings tab opens in the browser.Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error – Installation
  2. After opening the Browser Settings tab. Navigate to the Extensions option at the bottom left of the settings page.ERR_CACHE_MISS Error – Setup
  3. The associated browser opens a new extension page where you can manage and remove the installed extensions. A Details button provides information about the selected extension. And you can delete/delete the extension by clicking the delete button in the field corresponding to the extension. In the meantime, you can deactivate your extension by clicking this blue thing if you don’t want Perma to remove your extension.

By following the above methods, you can permanently remove the extensions from your Chrome browser. You can also temporarily disable the extension if you want to see if the extension is problematic without uninstalling Perma.

If removing extensions does not correct the error, you can use another method described below.

Windows command line method

The Windows command line is an application or program that allows us to execute the commands we want to run on the system. The command prompt is a powerful command line interface (CUI) that is very useful for performing exceptionally powerful or common tasks with commands. He is both powerful and dangerous. Executing wrong or incorrect commands can disrupt the entire system.

Now let’s start with the steps to solve this problem from the command line.

Open the command line. You can open the command line by clicking on the Windows menu and selecting it from the search bar. Alternatively, you can open the Start window by pressing CTRL + R and typing cmd, then pressing Enter.

Once you open the command line. Run the following command as shown below.

ipconfig / enable
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip setnds
netsh winsock reset

ipconfig / update
ipconfig / update

After executing these commands correctly. Reboot the system once so that the changes are applied to the system. If you’ve been following us here in the blog. The problem should then be solved. If not, you can get more help in the comments.

Reinstallation of the application

If none of the above methods helped you resolve the err_cache_miss error, then the last option is to reinstall the Chrome application. You must first uninstall the application via Control Panel and remove all LocalAppData and AppData as mentioned above. Then restart your computer and reinstall Chrome.

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