The game: Charging the child
Gender : Platform, puzzle system: Nintendo Switch (also PC)
Developer|Publisher : Pineapple Age Classification
: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £1.79 | EU €1.99 | Publication date 2.49
: 6. January 2021

See the code largely through Pineapple Works


Charge Kid is a puzzle-solving platform and is coming to the Switch at an attractive price. But this is not a typical platform game where you switch from right to left. This game requires your best thinking skills to overcome the difficulties. My hat was a nice black hat that I often wear on my winter walks. But enough about my hats, let’s talk about the Charge Kid.

You play the role of a pixelated man who, for unknown reasons, must reach the goal of each level. My theory is that you play as an internet impulse that transfers certain data to the Switch drive’s hard drive. Their success will determine if they manage to download the Monster Hunter Rise demo. Actually, the game is simple. I’m sending you down immediately. Graphics are simple pixel sprites on a dark background. But when you jump, it’s a beautiful explosion of pixels, like a firework of mini pixels.

Most levels take some time to understand.

Mysterious platform

Charge Kid is an interesting puzzle platform, as the controls themselves play as much into the puzzle as they do looking at the level layout. The basic mechanics find these red charge points in the levels that make your character red, allowing you to double jump. However, you can also shoot a ball of energy that can hit the red charging points that also make you blush. Your projectile can also float in the air and you can teleport there when it’s loaded.

These mechanisms are easy to use, but you’ll have to use them in clever combinations to jump over spikes and activate switches to unlock doors. From time to time a clue will appear in the game, but otherwise you’re on your own. I scratched my head for a while, trying different techniques to get past the levels. Sometimes the best solution seemed to be to leave and come back later. It’s not really a fast platform, lots of things start and stop to think about it. That sounds good for most players, but I suggest you have quick reflexes with the controls to beat some of the games that cause problems.

Pixel Explosion

Preparation for mould

There are spike traps everywhere in this game, so expect very little to die while trying to figure out how to make an absurd jump across a large platform. Fortunately, there are multiple checkpoints in each level that load instantly. I had to try it a few times before I got bored and took a break. I’ve never felt so frustrated, but you tend to hit the other wall very quickly, so progress in this game is very slow. If you can do it, you’ll feel great.

Sounds like a title people can pick, but then rush to YouTube to see how to solve each level. The problem is that once you know the solution, you have little incentive to repeat it. Another odd feature I found is that you can’t take screenshots of this game on the Switch – something I haven’t done yet with any other game. So it might be a little harder to share your success with your friends on social media.

: my thoughts exactly

You did good,.

The Charge Kid may have simple graphics, but the design is pretty unique if you’re looking for a good head, and there are some reflexes to respect.

It’s not a game everyone will enjoy, but for a small price it may be worth a try if you’re looking for something different.

Final Verdict: I like her.


How to load…

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