Apex Legends 8 Chaos begins! Respawn Entertainment has released an important update. Below are notes on the patches of 2. February.

Apex Legends 1.57 update is now available for download. The file size on PS4 is ## GB, this may vary depending on the platform.

What should we say before we show the patches? A new playable Fuse character has been added, a new 30-30 repeating weapon has been added, and the Royal Canyon map has been reworked.

Summit Legends – Announcements of forthcoming events 1.57


Meet Fuser: a caged mercenary fighter who never turns down a good swipe. His penchant for explosions allows him to carry extra grenades and throw them faster and farther. He can launch a cluster bomb with explosives in the air. And when it’s time to really blow up the dam, Fusel uses Wally to launch a bombardment that envelops the area in a circle of flames.

Debts – Grenadier

Keep the extra grenade in the inventory compartment. Firebombs are wider, faster and more accurate.

Tactical – Ankle Cluster

Launch a cluster bomb that continuously ejects explosives on impact with a blast of air.

The ultimate – the mother.

Launch a bombardment by surrounding the target area with a wall of flames.


This heavy lever repeater is equipped with percussion ammunition that can hit a running Mirage at 200 yards.

The 30-30 is the measure of reliability. It is designed to withstand sandstorms and temporary instability, making it the obvious choice for Apex Games.


The 30-30 repeater requires the user to reload ammunition between shots, giving the rifle a methodical rhythm, an analog elegance that modern Outlands rifles simply cannot match.

To further lure those itchy fingers to the trigger, the 30-30 Retransmitter has a built-in charge that allows the player to do more damage with each shot by briefly charging it.

The 30-30 reloads one turn at a time, which allows for very interesting resource management that you won’t find anywhere else, not even Mastiff.

The 30-30 pattern program gives you the unique ability to reload individual patterns between shots. This allows the repeater to always set a precise firing pressure, which can sometimes be used with fully reloaded weapons.


In its eighth season, there are changes again in King’s Canyon. The new main attraction shows on the map the devastation caused by the fall of the ship. Players can now explore not only artillery, but also slums, as well as new watchtowers for base reconnaissance or sniper nests. You can read more about the map changes here on the map blog.


The eighth season presents Golden magazines. By attaching it to the weapon, the stowed weapon is automatically reloaded after a short delay. The gold magazine has the same capacity as the purple magazines and is available for light, heavy, sniper and energy weapons.


Damage counter

  • We have added a damage counter to the HUD. This feature has been in high demand, so we’re excited to make it easy to keep track of these badges and numbers!

Ammunition for penguins

  • When you ping weapons or ammo in your inventory, the current amount of ammo is shown along with the player’s ammo request in a short chat.

Update for people who are colour blind

  • Healing and resurrection now follow the rules of colorblindness when the parameters of colorblindness are activated.

Age spots on armour skins

  • Some of our skins are canonical and some are just for fun. For the skins that are an important part of the story of this character, we have added a small text describing the importance of this skin in the life of the legend.



Device message :

We know that the Wraith will always be a popular choice, given the amount of combat tools their equipment contains. After many tweaks to their skills and animations, their victory percentage is still at the top, as it has been since day one. With the introduction of the Season 7 hitbox in Pathfinder, we could control his power without having to think about recruiting him. We hope to do the same with the Wraith.

Wraith now have a few more hitboxes than his other legendary little ones, but the changes remain true to his model. As you can see in the before and after comparison, we added some width, especially in the torso and legs:

Even with these changes, the Wraith remain small and difficult to disengage. We will step back and keep an eye on the usage and the level of profit to see if the energy can be returned in other ways in the future.


  • Sheila’s angle goes from 120° to 180°…
  • The health of the wall during the construction phase was increased from 1 to 45 HP. (Sniper fire still penetrating)

Device message :

Since his release, Rampart has remained at the bottom of our performance scale on every measure. Their gear is largely based on proactively taking a strong position, but in a fast moving game like Apex we decided that their walls should also have some reactive ability. We’ll keep a close eye on him.


  • The efficiency of gravity enhancement has increased from 21 to 25. The 15s subcooling timer now starts when the gravity effect disappears.

Device message :

Horizon has shown a strong presence, rivaling the Wraith in terms of wins and choices. At this stage, we monitor usage and ascertain whether changes in cooling have a significant impact.


The remastered launch pad: Many players may be familiar with Octane’s super jump, which was made possible by a well-synchronized jump on impact. After the introduction of the double jump option, there was a collision that led to unreliable operation. We decided to add a few more defined launch options than the old super-jump.

  • By pressing on the bouncy castle from a standing position, the player is projected in an arc (the speed and trajectory of the old super jump).
  • From the squat position, the player starts in a low arc, i.e. he flies lower but further in the horizontal direction.


  • Remove the ability to stick arc stars on friendly drones.

The forehead:

  • A peek into the unopened care package is now visible with Eye for Quality and available in the black market store.


  • All the gas has now been broken off once the caustic team has been destroyed.

A mirage:

  • Beautiful bait makes the sound of footsteps.

Device message :

This change was incorrectly mentioned in the notes of the Fight Night patch, when it was actually included with this patch. Mirage decoys now have limited sound on the tracks. There won’t be a tornado on the runway if an enemy Mirage is nearby, but it will be a little harder to spot a real Mirage by the beeps.


Full rotation

  • Erased: Wing, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, Dynamo.
  • Added: P-301, 30-30 Retransmission, Mozambique, Longbow PMR, Spitfire


  • We’re taking the Golden Barrel out of the lake.

Hop Ups

  • Double tap up has been removed from the list of robberies.
  • Anvil jumps are added to the outside reserve.


  • Reduced bale damage by 16 to 15 percent.


  • The bullet damage has gone from 15 to 16.


  • Bullet damage went from 18 to 19
  • The charging speed was increased from 2.8 to 3.2 seconds.
  • The no-load recharge speed has been increased from 3.33 seconds to 3.8 seconds.


  • The number of fires rose from 2.0 to 2.1



  • Sonar capabilities no longer block Kaustica’s view.


  • Repaired several usable areas in King’s Canyon that Loba could reach through the bracelet.


  • The Jhampads of the city of Octane, captured by Octane, no longer allow Rampart to force Sheila on them.
  • Fixed an issue with Rampart’s passive backup even after changing the character to Firing Range.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Havoc to have 100% accuracy when firing the limb through Rampart Amped’s cover.


  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using Horizon skills and then switching directly to ADS with Peacemaker.


  • Reactivate the ability to invite friends from your friends list to join the club.
  • Fixed bug that caused some users who refused recent team invitations to not appear in the club’s events calendar if they were in the top 5.
  • If the connection to the club’s database cannot be established, the misleading message Thrown out of the club will no longer be displayed.
  • Players will no longer be evicted from clubs if they change their profile on Xbox.


  • Problem solved where crowds didn’t cheer when the town of Pathfinder was taken.
  • Fixed an issue where some relics were not appearing in the relic shop.
  • Fixed a problem where termites could do damage through some walls of Olympus.


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