Are socks the panacea of an outfit?

Personally, nothing sets me apart in real life (unless socks are particularly fashionable). In The Sims 4, of course, it’s very different.

EA probably has a pretty good idea of when they release their games. But I see it more in their clothes and their outfits.

There is so much room to enhance your accessories and makeup. There is so much space that you could probably rent the whole room.

That said, this checklist should fill your Sim’s sock drawer. Because socks are a fashion item, and vanilla socks become rather repetitive in the game.

1. adidas socks from Pinkzombiecupcakes

Adidas Socks by Pinkzombiecupcakes Sims 4 CC

Samples: 1 variant, 30 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

Let’s start this list with classic branded socks, because who doesn’t own a pair of socks with a sports logo?

Yes, okay. I don’t want to generalize. Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t.

Anyway, your sim could definitely get one with this CC article.

This is a plain sock pack with three white stripes at the top and a nice three panel emblem on the side. The texture appears heavily ribbed in the sample images, but in play it is much finer.

In laptop mode, it may look smooth and flat like regular TS4 vanilla socks, but that doesn’t detract from the quality.

I really like fresh, simple and elegant socks. Very practical.

2. Women’s Soft Socks + Men’s Soft Socks by Sims4 Marigold

Female Loose Socks + Male Loose Socks by Sims4 Marigold TS4 CC

Samples: 2 options, 5 colors
Unisex: Separate files for men and women

Women’s CC

male QC

You know what bothers me most about ambulance socks?

No texture and perfect computer generated symmetry.

They have nice patterns and nice colors, I have to give them that. But what they offer is usually less chic and more functional. Practical. Reliable.

All this is synonymous with boredom.

The Sims4 Marigold ladies socks and their male counterpart are a great example of why I love the makers of The Sims CC so much. Just look at the texture. The difference. The asymmetrical ribbing and puffy edges give both socks so much personality.

These are socks you want to show off, perhaps with shorts or skirts and big wedges.

3. Pikachu knee socks by Nerwen666

Pikachu Knee-High Socks by Nerwen666 for Sims 4

Samples: 1 variant, 1 color
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

It is very, very tempting to just write “Pikachu!” to describe these socks.

But since I can’t do it in good faith. I’m just saying that this TS4 CC’s takes “socks of character” to a whole new level.

As you can see, these smooth, yellow hips have the face (and tail) of the iconic yellow mouse that graces the spikes.

I have no idea how these socks would be useful in real life – it seems to me that the problem would be holding the shape.

But in Sims 4? Where gravity doesn’t really exist?

They are adorable.

4 [Pride Collection 2020] Men’s Pride Socks by DarkNightTt

Pride Collection 2020 - Male Pride Socks by DarkNightTt TS4 CC

Samples: 1 variant, 20 colors
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

The creator of Sims 4 CC, DarkNightTt, has released this awesome package for Pride Month in 2020.

First of all, the concept and intent behind these socks is great.

Second, the design is excellent.

The hand-painted texture and simple stitch pattern make them look like the thin cotton stockings found around the semi, so you could definitely pair them with most TS4 vanilla shoes.

And even if your Sim isn’t gay himself, the top rainbow band is thin and simple enough to look obviously good.

5. thick socks on drt77

Chunky Socks by drt77 Sims 4 CC

Samples: 1 variant, 8 colors
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

So they’re not really socks in the sense that they don’t have toes.

They are more glorified leggings than “functional” socks.

So, if your Sim walked around with only these feet, you could see her entire leg. But since the socks in Sims 4 are only cosmetic (they don’t affect the hot/cold weather value if you have seasons), this shouldn’t be a problem.

Pair them with boots or large work boots for a fashionably full, rugged look.

6. Saurus socks with sugar and sweetener

Sugar & Sweetener Socks by Saurus TS4 CC

Samples: 1 variation, 30 models
Sweet monsters: 1 variant, 30 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

For fun, fashionable and highly eccentric Sims with lots of character, these sweets from Saurus are just what you’re looking for.

Thin, flesh-colored and textureless EA socks can be saved with a very whimsical or cute design. And these sugar and sweetener socks are very effective.

From stuffed cats staring at your toes to little bunnies keeping your toes warm, these sugar socks are almost disgustingly cute.

Sweetener socks are available in 30 solid colors in earth tones, pale pastels and mint tones.

You can install them as a super cute set or buy them separately. But I highly recommend the set.

It’s actually 60 different socks in one download, and they’re all beautiful.

7. Running away from Trillyke’s socks

Run Away Socks by Trillyke for Sims 4

Samples: 1 variant, 20 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

If it’s not already obvious, I like thick, supple socks.

Personally, I find that most – if not all – of the Sims 4 vanilla play socks have almost no visible texture or thickness. They look like they are all dyed. Even with the so-called “thick” wool or argyle socks.

Maybe it’s just me and my graphics settings.

Anyway, I tend to move away from uniform socks in favor of socks with a little more personality.

Inappropriate socks, thick socks, ripped socks, thick….That’s what I’m here for.

These Run Away socks from Trillyke have a simple ribbed pattern and come in about 20 different solid colors.

And I like to look at the fabric (just above the ankles). It looks like the socks were rolled up several times.

Just little stylistic details that give depth to Sims fashion.

8. Vintage athletic “socks too high” by pleyita

Vintage Athletics “Too-High Socks” by pleyita TS4 CC

Samples: 1 variant, 4 patterns, 12 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

These socks actually come with a whole set of CC outfits that scream “old school,” but you can just install the .pack socks file.

As the name suggests, they are practical sports socks that look like the ones worn by all those old teenage athletes in the movies.

It’s just, you know, longer.

The ribbed edges extend to the thigh. And the colored stripes fit about two inches above the knees.

The combination of white and red stripes creates the impression of belonging to a lacrosse or flag football player who wears a letter jacket 24/7.

Fortunately, with other patterns and variations, these socks are soft enough for even the less athletic Sims to enjoy.

9. Pinkzombie cupcakes summer fruit socks

Summer Fruits Socks by Pinkzombiecupcakes Sims 4 CC

Samples: 2 options, 4 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

While the Sugar & Sweetener Socks from Saurus look devilishly cute, these summer fruit socks are visually delicious.

It’s a matter of personal preference, really.

Soft, sweet pastels and cute patterns or a fresh, bright glow with embroidered fruit?

Or you can always get both.

Sometimes you crave crisp, crunchy fruit. Sometimes it’s better to have candy bars to keep your feet warm. Let your sim decide!

These summer fruit socks may not be as big as the Sugar & Sweetener socks. But the concept – and the execution – is just as charming.

Ask your Sims to color them in. There are also simple, non-fruity varieties!

10. woolen socks from MahoCreations

Wool Socks by MahoCreations Sims 4 CC

Samples: 1 variant, 8 colors
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

According to the designer, these socks are “for warm winter beanies.”

Cute, cozy and incredibly fluffy, I’d say these socks are the fluffiest on this list.

It could be a texture or a color pattern (a nice arrangement of speckled white and color). Either way, they certainly seem capable of keeping your feet warm enough on cold winter nights.

As someone who prefers TS4 textured clothing, I am 100% sold.

We recommend pairing them with a loose, worn oversized sweater and possibly a knit cap for a sober, on-trend look.

11. Knitting socks in bulk from Sims4 Marigold

Knit Loose Socks by Sims4 Marigold screenshot

Samples: 1 variant, 11 patterns, 64 colors
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

Speaking of warm feet, may I suggest thicker socks?

These CC socks from Sims4 Marigold are especially thick. And I live for that.

Again, it’s really the texture that I like. It looks like your Sim is wearing these socks instead of dyeing them, you know.

(Like the feeling most expert socks give).

The fabric is loose and oversized, it wraps uncomfortably around your ankles, and the overall feel is so “well worn” and “comfortable.”

They don’t look “sloppy to ridiculous” either. Because they have those special socks.

The creator did a good job of getting to the middle.

And this creator goes even further by proposing two variations.

One where the pleats fall around the ankles (or as she calls it, the “low version,” perfect for flat shoes and sneakers), and the other where the pleats come halfway up the calf. This is called the “high version,” which is specifically designed for tops and boots.

You can download one of the two files or take both.

12. Nell socks

Sport Stockings by Nell Sims 4 CC

Samples: 3 options, 5 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

How do these sports socks differ from the classic DIY sports socks?

Aside from the lack of a super-thin curl pattern on the top and the visually thinner fabric – which I don’t think about because the designer calls them “sports socks” – these socks come in a variety of colors and sizes.

As you can see from the thumbnails, there are three lengths: high thigh, high knee and half knee.

So if one size doesn’t fit your Sim, you can just choose another.

Same style, different length. A practical concept, isn’t it?

13. colored socks + mirror version of AdrienPastel

Colorfully Socks + Mirrored Version by AdrienPastel for Sims 4

Samples: 1 variant, 14 colors
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

These colorful socks by AdrienPastel are asymmetrical socks that decided to take the concept of “mismatched socks” one step further.

The colors of the socks do not match and the lengths do not match at all. There is a big difference in size.

So your sim wasn’t wearing two different socks and I hope nobody noticed, no.

The concept is a conscious fashion choice, and I think it is beautifully executed.

There are 14 predefined color combinations. So it is not necessary that you choose a pair of bright orange socks with a black sock one day and a blue sock the next.

But the limited frame doesn’t bother me too much, since the maker also included a mirror version. This means that the shortest sock can be attached to the left or right leg of the rim.

14. Dissia daisy socks

Daisy Socks by Dissia TS4 CC

Samples: 1 variation, 10 models
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

We had fruit, candy and Pikachu.

But save your toes, because I’m going to drop another pair of dirty socks for your sim sock drawer.

These knee-high Daisy Socks from Dissia come straight from the land of pink fuzz and cotton candy clouds. To wear anything other than soft pink, white and baby blue with these socks would be a crime.

Denim and leather? That’s definitely not going to work.

These are the sweetest and gentlest things on that list, and that’s a fact.

Despite the very subtle ribbed texture, they seem almost complete. I don’t know how the manufacturer did that. All I know is that these socks are bright pink and covered in the cutest animal prints.

Perfect for cupcake suckers and sims who generally love everything.

15. Knee socks from Descargas Sims

Knee Socks by Descargas Sims Sims 4 CC

Samples: 1 variation, 20 models
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

For the Sim who embodies casual streetwear style and believes that every piece of clothing you wear makes a statement, I present a pair of socks with a casual, knee-high pattern.

Yes, there are hundreds of Sims 4 CC socks with crazy patterns and designs.

But it caught my attention.

They are striking, clearly graphic and perhaps even unique. They did not adhere to any particular theme, such as “galaxy” or “cartoons.”

Instead, they mixed “simple patterns” with “zigzag stripes,” added a touch of “stylized fashion logos,” and even the classic “fine stripes on a solid colored background” (which appears at least three times in this list).

These designs may not be as unique, but the combination is definitely there.

16. Smiling socks by AliMlen

Socks “Smile” by AliMlen Sims 4 CC

Samples: I Variation, 4 models
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

Everyone should have a pair of socks with a smiling face. Everyone should have a pair of socks with a smiling face.

Why should it be different with the Sims?

There are only four models for this CC, but it was enough for the designer to hit all the classic “smiley” models.

You have the standard “yellow smiley” on a solid background – in this case white and black – and then the “multicolored smiley” pattern. Always on a solid background.

The best thing about these socks? Toes.

Yes, they are toe socks. Too cute to know.

17. madlun su socks

Madlun Su Socks by Madlen for Sims 4

Samples: 1 variant, 7 colors
Unisex: Yes

Refer to this CC

Have I reached my quota of recommendations for soft and comfortable socks yet?


But if you’re tired of thick, warm and fuzzy options, don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

And I must say that these socks are not even as thick and heavy as the other CC items we have here. They are certainly not dyed, but their texture and knit always give them a “breathable cotton” feel.

That’s probably what you need in your socks.

I just fell in love with the way the colors matched the texture. Seven of the shyest and brightest neutrals you’ve ever seen on a fabric that has nothing to do with a soft, comfortable sweater.

Maybe not great for the winter months, but I would definitely wear them in the spring or so. That’s what my sim would do too.

18. rabbit socks by eyquardjl2

Rabbit Socks by eyquardjl2 Sims 4 CC screenshot

Samples: 1 variant, 9 colors
Unisex: No

Refer to this CC

I realize I don’t have many short socks on my ankles or toes on this list. So I’m going to rectify that very quickly with this recommendation from the CC: a pair of candy-colored, cute, simple, and adorable toe socks with the cutest bunny motif on them.

These are the socks you proudly wear with open toes or very large dishes, just to show off the design.

These socks can’t keep your feet warm. But they can keep them beautiful.

I am 100% delighted. And I’m sure you will be too.

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