Today you will learn how to remove page numbers in Word.

After inserting page numbers for some reason, you have found that you no longer need numbered pages.

Or maybe you just want to remove the page numbers of certain pages, for example page
. B. for the first page or the first three pages.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Here are some of the easiest ways to remove page numbers from a Microsoft Word document:

How to remove all page numbers in Word

If you want to know how to remove page numbers for specific pages, scroll down to option 4 because it explains exactly that.

However, if you want to remove all page numbers
from your document, you have the following options.

Option 1: Delete the page number from the footer or header


This is the easiest option to remove page numbers like
, it can be done in less than five seconds. This method can be used in Windows and
Mac versions of Word.

NOTE: Use this method if you want to delete all the page numbers in the document. But if you want to remove the page numbers from the first page or say the first 3 pages, scroll down to the next section (option 4).

Without further ado, let’s start with the steps:

  • Double-click the header or footer that displays the page number. Double-clicking this area activates the headers and footers and makes them editable.
  • You can also right-click and click the Edit Footer button to put the footer in edit mode.
  • Now highlight the page number and click Delete to delete the number. It doesn’t have to be page 1; it can be any page in the document.
  • Now press the Esc key to get a header and footer.

After deleting just one of the page numbers, all page numbers
in the document are deleted.

NOTE: If there are still page numbers for some pages, it means that there is a page break that divides the document into sections. In this case, delete one of the page numbers in this section to remove all page numbers.

Option 2: Delete page numbers in MS Word by removing footer.

In Microsoft Word, page numbers are inserted in
headers or footers.

Removing headers or footers means removing
all content, including page numbers.

NOTE: Use this approach if you have no other
content (such as a letterhead) in the headers or footers. The footer or header may only contain the page numbers

The steps are described below:

  • Identify the section with page numbers
    . Is it down or up? The page numbers in footer
    are at the bottom of the pages, while the page numbers in header
    are at the top of the pages.
  • If the page numbers are in the footers, remove
    the footers by going to the Insert tab, clicking on the footer under Header
    and Footers, and then clicking Remove Footers.
  • If the page numbers are in headers, remove
    the headers by going to the Insert tab, under Header
    and Footer click on Header and then Remove Header.

After removing footers or headers from your document, Word
also removes page numbers. You can integrate page numbers
back into your pages at any time.

Option 3: Use thecommand to delete page numbers.

The above options are just shortcuts for deleting page numbers

There is a built-in command that allows you to remove page numbers in Microsoft Word with a few clicks of the mouse.

Here you will learn how to use this command:

In the Insert tab, under the title and footer
, click the page number. The pop-up menu appears, click the Delete Numbers button on page

With these few clicks, all your page numbers
should disappear from the document.

NOTE: If this method does not work, it means that the page numbers were inserted directly in the field and not via the Insert Page Number menu. In this case, use one of the methods above.

Option 4: Delete the page number on the first page

The three methods above only show how to remove all page numbers from a Word document.

However, most official documents and reports do not have page number
on the first page.

If that’s the case, you’re in good company.

There are two ways to remove page numbers from the first page in Microsoft Word. One is related to the use of a command called Other Front Page. And the other was to divide the first page into its own sections, so that the number of the first page could be removed without affecting the other pages.

Using a different command for the first page

If you do not want a multi-part document, follow steps
below to omit the numbering on the first page:

  • Open a Microsoft Word document with the first numbered page.
  • Double-click in the leg section to make it editable. This causes all header and footer commands to appear on the suddenly introduced header and footer tab.
  • Click to check the order Several first pages

When this box is checked, the number of the first page is hidden.

The same result can be obtained with the following steps

  • Click to activate the Layout tab or Layout
  • Then click the Layout button in the lower right corner of the
    Layout category.

The Layout dialog box should appear.

  • Click to activate the Layout tab.
  • Under the header and footer section, select the First Page Difference check box.
  • Now click on OK to apply the changes

See the screenshot :

As soon as you click OK, the page number of the first page will disappear from the Word document.

To remove the page number from the first page.

NOTE: After successfully removing the number on the first page, the numbering on the second page starts at 2. That means the first page always counts, it’s just hidden. If you have a problem with this, you can set it so that the numbering starts at zero (0), so that the first page is at zero (0), which is hidden anyway, and the second page shows page number 1.

Option 5: Delete the number of the first page with page break.

You can also use the interrupt section command to separate the first page of
from the rest of the pages.

For example, if you remove the number from the first page,
will not affect the remaining pages.

However, if you do not separate the first page, all pages will be deleted even if you only delete the number of the first page.

NOTE: Not only for the first page, but this approach can also be used to remove page numbers from certain sections using the word

The steps are described below without further details:

  • Click to move the cursor to the end of the first page.
  • On the Layout or Page Setup tab, click Envelopes, and then click Next Page.

This inserts a section break on the first page and
starts a new section on the second page.

The first page is now separate from the other pages
. However, it has not yet been deactivated.

Read on to finally separate the homepage from the rest of page

  • Scroll to the second page and double click on the footer to make it editable. The Header and Footer tab is also displayed.
  • In the Header and Footer tab, remove the link to the second page from the first by clicking the Link to Previous Page command.
  • Now go to the first page and delete page number

To delete a page number on the first page, double-click in the header or footer, select the page number, and press the Delete key.

You will notice that the first page number
is deleted without deleting the other page numbers.


If you are able to follow the steps on this page very carefully, I am sure you will be able to solve any problems related to removing page numbers in Microsoft Word.

If you are still having problems, please mention it in the comment section
below for more details.

Thanks for landing on this page.

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