From one manga fan to another, there is nothing more exciting than reading manga novels. Authentic manga novels are exclusive, not everyone can access them.

So, how do you read manga? You can read the latest manga content online. To help you find an authentic source, I tested several sites where you can read manga and comics for free.

The best sites to read manga online for free

All pages in this list contain complete manga and comic books that are updated regularly and available worldwide.

These are my best recommendations for a great manga download site, compatible with all devices and totally free.

Coconut Manga

Manga Kakalot

Manga Kalakot is a free online manga reading site. Here you will find the latest manga in all categories including hot manga, newest manga, completed manga and new manga. Open the url to read the manga published chapter by chapter. You have free access to all manga series on Kalakot Manga.

Features of Manga Kalakota

  • Not registered / not logged in
  • No publicity.
  • Complete chapters of the manga
  • Free manga reading site

-> Go to Manga Kakalot (



KissManga is a popular site among manga fans, where you can find the erotic manga genre. The site provides access to manga and comic book content in all languages.

The KissManga homepage has two sections of manga and comics, under each section there is a sub-section of manga and comics based on genres. The files of comics and manga are divided into sections. You can find every chapter of the latest manga series for free on KissManga. The website invites you to log in and register to record progress by chapter.

-> Go to KissManga (

My comics

My Comic Posts

The next site on our list is a multi-platform site that includes DC Comics, Darkhorse, Attack on Titan, One Piece Chapters 1-1000, European Comics, and all popular manga. is a free website where you can read manga and comics online or download your favorite comics to read later. You need to create an account on this site. Registration on is free.

Features of

  • Free registration
  • Free website
  • Manga and popular European comics
  • DC Comics and Marvel Comics
  • Download and read offline

-> Go to my comic (

Free manga downloader

Free Manga Downloader

One of the best ways to download and read free manga is the Free Manga Downloader application. The platform has a simple interface similar to a torrent search engine and offers popular manga books from the top 50 manga sites.

You can search for your favorite manga in the search bar and filter comics by author, status, chapter and genre.

With Free Manga Downloader, you also have the ability to compress chapters of manga series and convert them to ZIP/PDF format.

Free manga downloader features

  • No registration
  • Compression of the manga series to ZIP/PDF format
  • Complete chapters of the manga

-> Go to the free manga download page (

Manga Fox

Manga Fox

For manga fans obsessed with the newest and most popular genre, Manga Fox is worth a look.

Manga Fox has a free website and application where you can read free manga of various genres, including comedy, action, fantasy, drama, school life, romance, shoujo, supernatural and more.

You must register if you are a new user or register to read free manga comics on Manga Fox.

Manga Fox also offers a free application compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and PC. I highly recommend it for reading manga on iOS and Apple devices.

Characteristics of the Manga Fox

  • Read manga of different genres
  • Lasting progress
  • Read the manga offline on your phone
  • Free manga player application for iOS, Apple, Android and PC

-> Go to Manga Fox (

Manga concentrator

Manga Hub

The website is an instant platform to read the latest manga as soon as it is released.

You must register and use your login information to view your manga downloads on this site. is one of the best free manga directories where manga are published daily.

On this page you will find all your favorite manga comics, as it is a combination of the categories Catalog, Updates, New Manga and Popular.

Features of

  • Download the full chapters of the manga
  • Download manga comics with translation
  • Free manga catalog
  • Latest news and updates from the manga industry

-> Go to the Manga Center (

Additional BD

Comic Extra

Comic Extra promises a nostalgic experience where you can read popular manga comics from the 1970s.

You can download the complete cartoon series and read the popular comics from DC and Marvel for free on Comic Extra. There is no limit to the number of comics you can read here. Just open the URL and read your favorite comics for hours.

You can find the best comics on ComicExtra’s homepage, and the site also has a search bar to help you find your favorite comics and manga.

Excerpts from comic strips

  • No registration
  • Classic and antique comics
  • Free offline reading of manga
  • Read-only mode

-> Go to the comic page (

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Manga Rock

Manga Rock

MangaRock is one of the few sites where you can find your favorite manga by author, character and genre. It is one of the best sites where you can read manga online for free and get the latest updates and manga playlists.

You can find relevant manga books to read by using the navigation bar for categories and popular manga. Become a passionate manga reader by creating your free MangaRock account.

Features of MangaRock

  • Unlimited manga player
  • Latest manga updates and playlists
  • A simple user interface
  • Fast download of manga chapters

-> Go to Manga Rock (

Reading comics online

Read Comics Online

Read free manga comics online at To find the complete list of comics, please click on the lists in the glossary. Full lists and series of comics are included in the full lists of comics.

You can browse the entire catalog on readcomiconline, where a new category of comics is updated every week. Read your favorite and newest comics for free and for hours in safe reading mode.

Features of

  • No registration
  • The final chapters of the manga are published every week.
  • Read comics online for free
  • Available worldwide

-> Go read comics online (

Manga reader

Manga Reader

MangaReader is a site where manga fans of all ages can find their favorite content.

Manga readers get the latest Japanese manga novels translated into English, which makes them so popular with all ages.

As a manga fan, you can really explore the world of otaku on this site for free. MangaReader is regularly updated with the latest published popular manga books. Use the search bar to find and download your favorite manga magazines.

Features of MangaReader

  • No registration
  • Manga Magazine / Manga Books / Manga News
  • Manga translated from English

-> Go to Manga Reader (

St. Manga

Sen Manga contains a list of the best manga magazines, perfectly categorized, the last downloaded manga of the day and the most popular manga. It is one of the best sites where you can download and read the new and latest manga for free.

Sign up for SenManga and then log in to get free access to download and read the latest manga updates. The site adds new episodes and chapters as they are published. So use the search tab to find a list of manga series.

St. Manga properties

  • Free reading of manga
  • Daily update with new chapters and episodes
  • Available worldwide

-> Go to St. Manga (

Manga here

Manga Here

I had mixed reactions to because it gives a small summary of the manga before you get access to the whole series to read, some fans think this is spoilers and news about the manga.

Nevertheless, it is the best site to download free manga. You can read great manga based on the rating of manga reviews or search by title in the search bar. Every manga book is popular and sections with interesting content are rated with 10 points. Manga Here is also a mobile application that allows you to view your manga reading history and read manga on your phone even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Features of the manga here

  • Complete manga chapters and books
  • Summarize the entire novel
  • Free manga book downloads
  • Available as Manga Here App for Apple iOS Android and Windows

-> Click here for the Manga (

Reading comics online

Read Comic Online

Discover to read comics online for free. This site has one of the most complete collections of comics and manga. The comics list includes some of the most iconic series from Marvel Avengers and DC Justice League. You can also request your favorite manga and comic series for free. The comic book series will be updated as new versions are released worldwide. The site also has a special section where you can watch free cartoons.

Characteristics of reading comic books online

  • No registration
  • The ad-free page reads the manga
  • A platform for manga comics

-> Go read comics online (

Bato. is a manga reading site for manga fans. Here you can get all the content about Japanese manga and also download your own manga content. Use the search bar to find the latest manga preview to read.

You must register and then use an account and password to read, download and upload manga content. While downloading the manga, invites you to add files by chapter and series.

Features of

  • Free website
  • Download and upload manga content
  • Read the full chapters of the manga for free
  • Translated manga books

-> Go to (

Otaku Smash

Otaku Smash

Otakusmash is similar to the Google search engine, but only for manga. On this site you will find thousands of free manga books to read in different categories such as action, adventure, top sports manga, comedy, romance, school life, horror, science fiction, yaoi, yuri, slice of life, fantasy and more.

Otakusmash not only has a list of the best manga series, but also of the best comics you can read for free.

Otaku Smash Features

  • Advertising-free website
  • No registration
  • Yaoi, Yuri, Piece of Life, and other categories of manga.
  • Download the full version of the manga and comics

-> Go to Otaku Smash (

Manga Katana

Manga Katana is one of the newest manga download sites on the Internet. You will find the latest releases of manga of all genres. The streamlined interface allows users to easily browse through their favorite titles.

Characteristics of the Manga Katana

  • No publicity.
  • Free offline reading of manga
  • Translated manga chapters

-> Go to Manga Katana (

Manga Dex

Manga Dex

Manga Magazine is a leading manga search engine where you can find manga magazines. Click on the manga drop-down menu to find information such as updates, titles, features, search and random selection. If you want to share your manga magazine with the world, click the “Add” button and share your file. It’s as simple as drag and drop.

Manga Magazine also has a community section where you can create forums and an active user group. Updates can also be shared on Reddit and Twitter.

-> Go to Manga Dex (

Manga Creek

Manga Stream

Get the latest mangrove manga by registering and logging in for free. Here you will find a list of manga navigation drop-down menus where you can catch up and read your favorite manga.

For those of you who dream of a career in manga drawing, this site is looking for candidates who know how to write and design stories.

You can use the search bar to search for a manga, or find one in the full list of manga in the thread

Features of MangaStream

  • Advertising-free website
  • Share the plot and sketches of the manga
  • Becoming a manga artist
  • Read the final chapters of the manga

. -> Go to the manga feed (

The Manga Park

Manga Park is another source for reading manga online. To read your favorite manga, all you have to do is create an account and log in to the site. You can select a novel in the “Genre” section or search for it in the “Search” tab. On, you can also change the theme according to the one that has the best readability. You can also upload your manga novels and share them with manga lovers.

Features of MangaPark

  • No registration
  • Order your favorite manga novels
  • Upload your own manga images
  • Advertising-free website

-> Go to Manga Park (

Panda Manga

Manga Panda will publish chapters of Welcome to the World of Otaku. Naruto 701, Naruto Gaiden: Seventh Hokage 11, Bleach 687, One Chapter 1000, Fairy Tail 546 as soon as they are released in Japan.

In addition to the latest releases, you can also read popular manga and otaku for free on this site.

Mangapanda scans and downloads translated English copies of manga novels in regional languages. This is one of the best places to read Japanese comics with free online translation.

Features of MangaPanda

  • No registration
  • Add a free website to Manga Online
  • Scans and downloads translated copies of the manga in English
  • Available worldwide

-> Go to Manga Panda (

Anime Nova

Anime Nova

From the name of the site, you might think that Anime nova contains more anime content. But let me tell you that on Anima Nova I found some of the rarest manga magazines you can read for free. The site offers an impressive mix of anime series, cartoons, lists of animated films, Naruto manga and manga novels. Anime Nova is an exclusive application for Android. Probably the best source on the Play Store for the latest anime releases, the latest manga releases, the latest drama releases, and all things manga.

Features of the Anime Nova

  • No registration
  • Exclusively available for Android users
  • Latest manga and anime releases
  • Combined application free watch an anime and read a manga online

-> Go to AnimeNova (

Manga fanatic

Manga Freak

MangaFreak was one of the fastest sites to download your favorite manga for free.

On the home page of the site, you can randomly select the list of manga, the new release, the genre, the story and the content of the manga. Under each option you will find fascinating manga novels.

MangaFreak’s history function is very useful because it allows you to pick up where you left off. If that’s not enough, open the search bar and find what you’re looking for without spending a single dollar.

Characteristics of MangaFreak

  • Free manga reading site
  • Download and read the manga offline
  • Maintain your success
  • Not registered / not logged in

-> Go to Manga Freak (



Mangago has a simple user interface that makes it easy to read free online manga on the site.

You can search websites with manga directories and find reading material based on the latest updates, completed manga and genres.

Mangago’s home page shows a list of popular manga and series that you can read chapter by chapter for free. The site also includes other manga from different genres, such as Romance, School Life Manga Series, Yaoi, Duijinshi, Shunen Ai, Yuri, Shojo and Fantasy.

On this page you can read all new manga releases for free.

Properties of Mangago

  • Additional Registration
  • free manga site
  • Playback mode
  • Manga catalog, manga books completed
  • Translation of a manga into a regional language

-> Go to Mangago (

My reading of the manga

My Reading Manga

MyReadingManga is a premium budget online manga reading portal. Here you can find exclusive content of MRM manga, fantasy manga, BARA manga and many more. With the doujin discount, you can also get the best graphic quality for your favorite manga.

MyReadingManga is an interactive platform where manga fans can request or download better quality manga.

You can spend hours reading manhwa, manhua, one shot and the best Japanese anime on MyReadingManga.

Features of MyReadingManga

  • No registration
  • The best quality manhwa and manhua online
  • You can download the manga at the free site
  • Share your manga content with the world

-> Go to My Manga Player (

Hotel Manga

Manga Inn

Mangainn is one of the best free manga download sites, where you can also chat with other manga fans by using the Mangainn chat feature.

When you read manga online, you can simultaneously discuss chapters with people who read the same manga.

Mangainn also has a daily updates section, where the latest news and announcements of upcoming content can be found.

If you are a new user, you must register or log in immediately to find the latest chapter of the current manga series and read it online for free.

Features of Mangain

  • Free website for communication with manga fans
  • Read the manga online for free
  • Daily updates and news from the manga section
  • Download full chapters and read offline

-> Go to the Manga Hotel (


Manga Doom

On the site of MangaDoom you will find all the issues of manga and anime magazines that you can read for free. You can access a list of the best manga in its catalog, arranged in alphabetical order. Manga Doom is regularly updated with the latest updates and chapters of manga.

Features of MangaDoom

  • Popular manga series,
  • Watch the anime for free,
  • Reading manga of different genres
  • Advanced search for specific manga and anime series.

-> Go to MangaDoom (

Frequently asked questions

Where can I download the PDF file of the manga for free?

Download 26 free Manga – eReader Palace

Can I download Kissmana’s manga?

Put the url of the manga you want to download from (for example on line 16 of the docker … Each chapter of the manga is downloaded into a separate folder of png files. All manga folders are uploaded to /out.

What is the best free manga reading app?

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