When it comes to running and shooting, you really can’t go wrong in a Borderlands game.

The Borderlands community doesn’t feel left out either, as modding has evolved with the second release of the franchise.

Models are a great way to keep the game exciting. And since the base game can get a little boring…. be prepared to invest days in the game with the mods installed.

25. Sam’s Borderlands2 SweetFX

SweetFX Mod for fringe 2

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Since the style of the game is definitely Borderlands, we wouldn’t want to change much in the graphics.

That doesn’t mean we can’t make something that’s already better, even better!

And that’s exactly what Sam Borderlands2 SweetFX does.

This mod is essentially a SweetFX preset simply meant to add brightness and vibrancy to the overall look of the game.

24. More blood

Extra blood clots for Borderlands 2

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One of the most common complaints about Borderlands 2 is that the level of violence has been significantly reduced from the first game.

It’s not as much fun to make your way through hordes of bandits without getting your head and limbs blown off.

And the juso40 mud offers a simple solution for this.

His More Blood mod doesn’t exactly repeat the death animation of the previous game, but adds blood splatter and particle effects to enemy attacks – which is better than nothing.

23. Sustainability Mod.

Overview of longevity

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If you want to go even further, you can refer to the VAXIS Longevity Mod.

The purpose of this mod is to make the game more immersive by adjusting certain death parameters to make the battles more epic.

Corpses, blood spatter, bullet shells and blast effects now stay on the screen much longer, making the arena seem much more affected during shootouts.

VAXIS warns you that the mod will place an additional load on your computer. So make sure your hardware can handle the extra load.

22. No introduction

No introduction for border areas 2

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While Borderlands 2 is getting generally positive feedback from players, there are still a few minor annoyances here and there that the community is working to address.

Nowadays, most games allow you to skip the introduction animation or even include an option in the game settings menu to do it automatically.

After all, we only really watch the video the first time – and it’s just boring to have to watch it over and over again.

Mishant’s No Intro mod lets you do this: You can get into the game much faster than before.

21. Faster vehicle animation

Accelerated vehicle animation

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Vehicle animations are closer to reality because they can get boring pretty quickly.

I noticed it myself when I played the first Borderlands game, as getting in and out of the game was terribly slow.

Especially after the frantic shootouts, where the game tends to be pretty fast-paced, it seemed like my character took forever to get behind the wheel.

Quick Vehicle Animations are a simple solution that gives you three speeds for all vehicle animations, including getting in and out of the vehicle and moving from place to place.

20. Bank and backpack extension

Refurbishing of cans and backpacks

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The Borderlands series is as much about looting as it is about filming.

This is especially true for the second part of the series, as the trailer features 87 billion weapons.

While this figure is clearly exaggerated, you probably don’t have enough room to carry all the loot.

This can be very painful for hoarders, as it is simply not possible to keep at least one version of each type of thing.

If you are facing this problem, OB4MA’s Bank And Backpack Space Enhancer should help you fix the situation.

This mod does exactly what it says in the title, and even allows for unlimited storage so you never have to throw anything away.

19. There are no level requirements for thegearbox.

No modality requirement - Borderlands 2

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The other annoying aspect of looting in most GPRs is the level required.

Ripping off good loot is basically useless if you’re too low to use the powerful equipment you just received – especially considering you probably had to fight more powerful enemies to get it.

For this, we have a No Level Requirement for Gear mod.

The OB4MA modulator says it best:

I think you should be able to use a weapon when you are level 1, not level 35.

18. You better fight for your life

The best fight for a way of life

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The mechanics of the Fight for Your Life game have been updated several times, and all you have to do is install the following mod to get them.

The FFYL is basically your last chance to stay alive if things go wrong in combat. And you’ll want to go back every time to avoid repeated missions.

This mode allows you to adjust a number of different parameters related to the FFYL to make it easier or harder, depending on what you are looking for.

Customizable options include rejuvenation time, recovery rate, FFYL damage, and travel speed.

17. Other vehicles

Additional information on vehicle models for border areas 2

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The sequel to Borderlands also improves the open world gameplay, allowing you to explore much more of Pandora than in the previous game.

Exploring a large map also means that destinations are scattered all over the world, making vehicles your fastest means of transportation.

Although the list of available vehicles has grown significantly since the first game, Catch-A-Rides is still quite limited.

Other vehicle models change, so every type of vehicle is available in each of the Catch-A-Rides on the map. And it allows you to choose almost any vehicle in the nearest Catch-A-Ride center.

16. Extra tasks plus

Additional objectives plus a mod

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While sharpening secondary missions is a great way to gain XP in most RPGs, it makes little sense in Borderlands 2.

The way optional missions work in the game is that you get a certain amount of XP for each mission, no matter how difficult it is.

This makes no sense, as the game has divided the missions into different difficulty levels, as you can expect the rewards to increase as the missions get harder.

Optional Goals Plus solves this problem by scaling the XP by difficulty, making them much more rewarding.

15. ARPG immersion beam type – Free-fall sound – Particle effect

Modern style ARPG for border regions 2

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Next up is a useful modification to OB4MA, this time to make sure you never miss the loot drops at high levels.

The quest for better equipment never ends with the Borderlands.

And there’s nothing worse than finding out you missed something along the way.

ARPG type loot rays make drops a must by projecting brightly colored beams of light onto the ground, making it much easier to see where each object is located.

In addition, this mod adds customizable sounds and particle effects for loot drops, giving you visual and auditory cues to help you get loot.

14. Difficulty rate Mod

Difficult regulatory environment for border areas 2

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During your time in Borderlands 2, you will inevitably reach a point where your character becomes too powerful for any enemy on Pandora.

This can happen if you’ve completed the main story and are still preparing to transfer, or if you’ve just progressed too far and become an OP.

In any case, you may encounter difficulties. And that’s exactly what this hard mode allows.

To do this, just pretend there are more players than there really are, so you can play a four-player cooperative game even if you’re actually playing a single-player game.

13. COOP Mod UnlimitedRobeta

Robot COOP Mod unlimited - Borderlands 2

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If you have friends to play with, it would be a shame if someone missed out on all the fun.

Borderlands 2 supports four-player collaboration, but doesn’t go beyond that.

Robet’s unlimited COOP mode solves this problem by allowing more than 4 players to participate in a game at once.

As the saying goes, the more the merrier.


FFYLands Mod for Borderlands 2

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If you’re looking for a harder way to find a difficulty level for the game, FFYLands is another option worth checking out.

While the mod is essentially a redesign that touches almost every aspect of the game, the main goal is to make the game more challenging, but also more rewarding.

FFYLands affects everything, including weapons, enemies, and even the treasure hunters themselves.

If you install this mod, you will find that Chest Hunters can discover new skills, bosses are much harder than before, and there is new loot to be found.

11. Border regions 2 Third person mod

Borderlands 2 Third Person Preview Mode

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Even if the next mod isn’t as big as the last one, it’s still a good way to mix things up a bit.

We all know that Borderlands games are first-person shooter games, so it’s pretty hard to imagine a third-person shooter game.

The following mod allows you to do just that, and you’ll be surprised how much it changes the atmosphere of the entire game.

If you’re looking for a way to keep the Borderlands 2 experience alive, this is definitely one of the best options.

10. New accessories plus

New Accessories Plus Mod - Borderlands 2

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Borderlands fans know that if there’s one thing this game is about, it’s looting.

The game already has an insane amount of weapons and accessories, but who can say no to many of them?

The mod adds 11 new gun accessories to spice up your gun.

Best of all, none of the new additions replace the features of the base game. So you’re all working with what’s already in Vanilla.

9. Aaron’s Armory

Aaron Maude's gun walk

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If you want to make a difference with the weapon itself, you can’t go wrong with Aaron Arms Portal.

Aaron0000 has collected all of his weapon models into a single package for everyone’s enjoyment.

There is a lot of new content, including recreations of other Borderlands games, skins, accessories, and even fully customized weapons that he made himself.

If you already know all the weapons in the base game, you definitely get a few extra hours of crap in Borderlands 2.

8. Backpack Camping Holland

Camping Hollandpak Mod

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Apparently Aaron0000 wasn’t done yet, as he even carried one of his popular Borderlands 1 weapon packs for you to enjoy in the sequel.

Holland’s Campin’ Backpack offers just about every flavor of destruction under the sun, as Aaron0000 himself says, and gives you access to 54 new weapons, 13 shields, 1 new type of grenade and 2 new relics to play with.

7. Roland

Roland Mod for Borderlands 2

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Besides weapons, character mods are another way to keep things interesting in Borderlands 2.

In the rest of the game, you have the opportunity to play with a brand new team of jumpers, but some of us can’t get over our attachment to the team from previous games.

Well, the 55tumbl modder has a solution to that – why not make the characters from the original game playable in Borderlands 2?

His first draft brings back our beloved soldier Roland.

6. Lilith

Lilith Mod for Borderlands 2

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I now know that the original Borderlands video is not entirely absent from the second part of the series.

I just want to play them and not just have them around as an NPC.

Secondly, Siren Lilith is also available in Borderlands 2, which gives you another option in character creation.

The mod comes complete with its original abilities and mods, so it will be just like playing as Lilith in the original game.

5. Maya Elementary Banshee

Maya Elemental Banshee - Borderlands 2 Mod

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If you’ve played with new characters and feel like there’s not much to explore, you can try some of the class models available for Borderlands 2 to keep things exciting.

55tumbl has not only added some of the old characters to the game, but also introduced their own version of Maya with the following mod.

Her Maya Elemental banshee adjusts her skills and class mods to put more emphasis on elemental and melee damage.

The replacement capacities and models have been carefully chosen to offer interesting combinations. So you need a few more games before you discover the true potential of these new Maya.

4. Passive life cycle type

Life Tap Modded Passive Tap

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Maya seems to be very popular among Borderlands 2 fans, as the next mod focuses on improving her skills.

The Passive Life Tap mod hasn’t changed as much as the previous one, but it certainly makes Maya much more powerful than in the vanilla version.

This mod makes Life Tap a passive skill instead of a kill skill, making it a permanent bonus to stealing lives.

To compensate, the life theft rate was reduced to 0.6% from the original 6%.

3. Diving into close combat attacks

Improved melee attack mode for Borderlands 2

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There is nothing more satisfying in an SPF than brutally killing enemies with a melee attack.

It’s much more complicated than that. But when you take them off, you often feel much better about the game.

This immersive melee attack mod makes melee constructs even more useful by improving the in-game melee attack stats to make them much more viable.

The mod includes melee attacks for Maya and Zer0, as well as War and Gaige from the DLC.

2. Border areas 2 Informal common area

Screenshot from the unofficial community patch Borderlands 2

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Community patches are always a good idea. Especially since it’s a compilation of suggestions from the most active members of the community on how to improve the game.

Fortunately, the Borderlands 2 community has its own plan. And it’s really worth a look.

It contains over 450 changes and fixes to improve your overall experience, so there’s lots of new content to discover.

Many previous mod names have also been associated with the project, including Aaron000 and 55tumbl.

1. Border regions 2 Exodus

Borderlands 2 Exodus Mod

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If you’re looking for a more radical change, there’s no better way than to completely rethink the game.

Borderlands 2 Exodus is by far one of the best mods you can get. It adds over 130 new devices, new game mechanics, and even mini-dents.

What will really make the game different is the rebalancing.

Characters, weapons, skills and even accessories will have changed damage values and bonuses – so you’ll have to start over with most of what you know about the vanilla game.

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