The slingshot spell is a fan favorite in all Dark Souls installments – the game’s signature blue soul spells are brilliant, flashy, and devastating!

But as with all aspects of the game, some options are better than others.

And if you want to maximize your effectiveness to have the best chance in this hostile world, you will need help.

So today we’re going to look at our best witchcraft picks to help you budding wizards!

20. Magic Weapon

He may be the first mage with a passion for weapons, but magical weapons are the weapon of choice for all builds of the first invasion in the game.

It’s easy to get, unlimited, and good enough for a minimal distribution of stats!

It also allows you to further boost the damage of your raw weapons to really beat your targets in the first game.

Of course, it’s better to evolve to better fans in the latter stages of the game, but Magic Weapon is still widely used thanks to this niche.

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck, Yoel of Yuri.

19. Big bull’s-eye

A big arrow in the core manages to clear the debris you encounter without putting your PF on the big gun.

For a wizard at the beginning of the game, this is probably the most used spell!

It’s cheap, undemanding, quick to cast and kills the easiest of enemies in two or three shots!

How to get there: Once sold by Orbeck to Firelink.

18. Returning core

The navigation shower causes a series of floating balls to stick to the enemies and bounce off them!

You may need 20 pieces of information, but the more you have, the more information you will have.

This means you can only summon 3 orbs with the basic requirements, and they do minimal damage – if you hit all 3, you do less damage than a big soul arrow!

PvP is used very little in early games, it’s too complicated to execute with too low a return on investment.

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him the Logan role.

17. Big Farron dart

The faster the brother of the Soul Spell is, the less damage Farron’s Arrow does, but it costs almost nothing and is highly flammable!

It looks like a magic knife, and it’s just as boring as it sounds.

He stabs his opponents with ease from a distance, and his extremely fast throwing time makes it impossible for his opponents to be punished!

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him the Scroll of Wisdom.

16. Big heavy soul

Talk about big brother: The Big Heavy Soul Arrow is a direct upgrade from the Big Soul Arrow!

It does a lot more damage, but costs more in FP and has a longer lifespan.

It’s something to save for your final bosses early in the game – the large chunks of damage make the job go faster in tougher matches.

It can then easily be used as a clearer garbage can once your intelligence is high enough for certain first level spell cores!

How to get there: Will be sold by Orbeck once he is in Firelink.

15. Chameleon

Transforming into inconspicuous objects is always a slap in the face to other players, whether it’s an ambush or a game of hide and seek with your future assassin!

That’s what Chameleon does: it turns you into a barrel or an unpretentious tree to blend in with your surroundings!

This isn’t the most useful spell, as the white branches have the same effect and are replaceable, saving you a spot for the spell, but for a truly mischievous player, an endless supply is always nice.

How to get there: Planted by a pilgrim who kills Henry – you can kill her in Jorski’s church or find her body upstairs in the wedding room after the ceremony is over!

14. Approach

Unfortunately, intimacy is only a shadow of what it once was, as it prevailed in the original Dark Souls installation.

Like finding a soul, intimacy activates a series of bullets to chase your enemies!

It can do more damage, but it is much slower and (because it is black magic) it requires an investment in intelligence and faith.

It really hurts and, frankly, in DS3, the magic class of leading orbs is much lower.

9 times out of 10, it’s better to use a different spell.

How to get there: Sold to Carla as soon as it’s available.

13. Breath of the White Dragon

the white dragon’s breath has caused you to take a page from the book of the Sith – guess a powerful wave of crystal magic!

With the highest intelligence requirements in the game, you’d think the White Dragon’s Breath would be one of the best options, but it’s actually a niche spell.

The throw is slow and the wave has to move, making it easy to dodge and making you extremely vulnerable.

Where he excels is in hallways and tight spaces!

This makes the crystals very difficult to dodge and they hit like a truck.

He also goes through walls and can go up and down stairs!

How to get there: Execution with the soul of Ocheiros.

12. Flow rate shower

If you want something sophisticated, look no further!

The flow of the soul allows an incredible beam to pierce everything in its path!

In return, he has the longest win in the entire game, which is bad enough for PvP.

However, he can pierce walls, making him an excellent tool for catching an enemy trying to escape and healing him!

It also makes mash meat for bosses (assuming you have a full radius to throw), as each tick has a separate damage case!

How to get there: Found in a large archive behind the Boreal Knight.

11. A great soul rejects

This spell is probably why you want to use dark magic.

The great foam of the soul summons a giant black sphere to slowly pursue its enemies!

Thanks to its enormous size, it barely slips and stays in the air for an eternity.

Thanks to the hybrid design of the spell, it easily inflicts 1000 damage per spell and completely destroys enemies – especially those who are weak in the face of darkness!

How to get there: In a Dregs band (Ring City DLC), through a secret door in a building on the right after leaving the Banner Knight church.

10. Self-guided crystal shower

Like I said, the Orc style of Homingo became popular in DS3, and even the best of them only ranked 10th.

A self-directed crystal soul is the same as a self-directed soul – it causes floating bullets to fire at nearby enemies!

This time it takes 30 scouts, the damage is still absolutely ridiculous and the configuration required to land the 5 projectiles is not worth it.

The Crystal Soul is still used in PvP though, as it can capture enemies and roll them right into your momentum!

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him the crystal scroll.

9. Big Magic Shield

Who says shields are useless?

Big Magic Shield is honestly one of my favorite spells, simply because it makes blocking really useful for a change.

The moulding charms your protection by providing stability and absorption.

so much so that even the weakest shields would be 100% blocked!

The stabilizer is also great because it reduces the stamina needed to block – some shields can even block indefinitely!

How to get there: A body has fallen into the dungeon of Iritilus, just a drop to the left of the first fire.

8. Soul big word

The first of the weapon spells, the soul of the great sword swings the ancient blade in a wide arc to inflict considerable damage!

It has a long wind, but can catch enemies and combine with faster weapons or other spells!

He is perfect for crowd control and PvP, and complements scrummers very well.

How to get there: Buy from Yoel or Orbeck.

7. Farron Heil

Farron Hail is an unremarkable opening spell that is actually one of the best for PvP.

When launched, it fires multiple huge bundles of arrows that scatter like a shotgun – wiping out the huge surfaces in front of you and causing major damage!

It has a quick recall time and combines well with other spells for truly devastating and unpredictable attacks!

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him a Scroll of Wisdom in Firelink.

6. Crystal hail

Crystal hail is a very festive spell – either you pay a lot of money or you do nothing.

It shoots into the air, which dissolves into tiny splinters that fall down.

The damage is significant, but it’s more of a stun block, as touching the crystal stuns the opponent and leaves them open to attack!

Like Farron, he’s extremely hard to read and excels at zone denial – most enemies just run away when he’s gone, giving you a chance to adapt!

How to get there: Version with a crystal core.

5. Old hooch

To get the old moonlight, you’ll have to beat the hardest boss in the whole game!

It is similar to the Great Word of the Soul, except that it has a charging mechanism and a projectile – just like the Great Word of the Moonlight.

When fully charged, a precise throw of Ancient Moonlight will hit your opponent with both a blade and a projectile, completely destroying him!

It also combines well with other spells and even has guaranteed hits when combined with a certain weapon!

How to get there: Move the soul of the seeker of darkness Midir.

4. Crystal Core Lance

CSS is the most consistent and destructive projectile spell in the entire game!

It has a surprisingly fast throw time, piercing enemies and knocks out like a night candle – either in one go or leaving you with only a few HP.

Like all projectiles, it’s pretty easy to dodge in PvP if your opponent is ready, but this spell destroys everything you encounter in the general game!

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him the crystal scroll.

3. Pestilence

It may come as a surprise to some that this spell is so high on the list.

While Zone Denial is pretty good in PvP, this magic shines brighter in PvE!

This is due to the maximum damage HP – the higher the health of the enemy, the more damage it does, and it can be used against the strongest bosses, such as the Midir, with a truly devastating effect!

He’s also known for his ability to con certain bosses. YouTube videos show that even Gael is fully exploited to kill easily.

It will take some time to learn, but the pest is extremely strong and worth the investment.

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him the role.

2. Magic Crystal Weapon

Magic crystal weapons are simply the best witch weapons.

It does a ton of damage to your weapons as they evolve in intelligence, and lasts a full minute – during which time you should try to spam your enemies like crazy!

There is no reason not to use this spell for your mages – if you use a polished weapon, you must have it, end of story.

How to get there: Sold by Orbeck after he gave him the crystal scroll.

1. Farron Flash Sword

Flashsword is our first choice, and for good reason.

Throwing turns your catalyst into a sword – a sword that swings as fast as a dagger, has an ultra-long reach, confuses enemies, is incredibly flammable, is available in the early game, and does good damage.

Combine it with a slower weapon, such as a large sword or a hammer, and use it to take your opponents by surprise. Open them up to combos and kill them or leave them on their last legs!

If you can control that, you have every reason to.

And his ability to adapt to any intelligence makes him absolutely incredible.

How to get there: Will be sold by Orbeck once he is in Firelink.

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